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Platform selection


Which is best platform for gig marketing…?


The platform where you customers are


I want to know which for web development?


It depends who is your target audience. Who needs your service? Where would they go to find your service?


Thanks for your incompleted information :smiley: :smiley:


You’re asking the wrong questions. You should first figure out who is your target audience and then you will find out where they would go to find you.

What did you expect me to say? Twitter?

Most of my clients don’t even know what Twitter is so why in the world would I waste my time there? I’m sure there are developers who get clients through Twitter, but they are targeting different audience.

So, figure out who needs your service and then use the platforms that they do.
I’m guessing some of your clients would go to a freelance sites because they can’t afford to hire an agency. Well, you’re already on Fiverr so work on your gig to make it stand out.


Sorry brother. I did just fun.