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Playing with an old image ~Wonder Woman 2017~

Back in 2012, I was asked to draw a Wonder Woman chibi image.
I believe there are many versions of her costume, but she ( or he, can’t remember…)
wanted the most iconic/well known one with the red star on her tiara, eagle on her chest, etc.
I drew it, the buyer was pleased. I don’t save every single image I worked on Fiverr, but this was
added to my “Fiverr save” file.

Fast forward to 2017.
A few weeks ago, I saw Wonder Woman. I enjoyed it a lot.
So I decided to pull out that old image and give her and updated look just for fun.
Basically I drew over the old image, but I’m happy with out how it came out.

I’m curious, do any of you guys play around with an old image?


Sometimes when I am lacking inspiration of something to draw I go back and try to recreate/spice up one of my past works. I would share one of my own on this thread but I’m on vacation and I don’t know if I’d actually be able to find any of my old works. I love the way you added the rim lighting and more detail in the hair, I wish I could draw like that :confused:.

Speaking of drawing, I really want to start offering a gig for realistic portraits but I want to work on my photo realism a little bit more before I create it. The thing is, I’d probably make the gig pretty expensive because I would end up spending a lot of time on it to make it perfect, but I don’t know if that would attract any sales.


Reminds me of hanie-mohd from dA. They did a couple of Wonder Woman illustrations each with a different outfit. One of my favorites was the long gown in Art Nouveau style.

All the time. I will often return to work I did a few years back and improve upon it if I can after learning new skills. This is especially the case with my 3D sculpting projects.

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Ah WW - you have aged so well, or maybe it is the fact you have blinged up your costume.
Either way :heart_eyes:

Art Nouveau style? Dang,I’ll need to go check that one out! :smiley:

I’d say give it a try, it won’t hurt!
Maybe you can start with a quick sketch drawing rather than a realistic/detailed portrait???

The blingier, the better!! :smiley:
She looks pretty darn good for a 75 year old, I must say!

OK, I just went to check the Art Nouveau WW. It’s great!!! :heart_eyes:

[details=OT to Braden]I had someone draw a portrait for me in the “realsitic style” and it was awesome so I would love to see more good gigs like that. I don’t have much drawing skill, but if I did, I would make a gig like that and start out super cheap even if I had to spend days working on a drawing for pretty much nothing. I’ve done that with other gigs, over and over. Those first reviews are worth more than money at first, especially if you can make time to do it.

You can always raise your prices gradually until you are actually making money at it. There are a lot of talented people on Fiverr who now makes a few hundred dollars on a time-consuming gig but if you find them in the Google way-back machine, you can see they started small! Good luck![/details]

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Zeus, you are SO talented. My only real art-type skill is with making custom jewelry and I’ve been known to do re-tries on pieces that I feel like I could do better. I can’t show any examples because I just don’t have them anymore. I used to do jewelry out of precious metal clay but the clay is SO expensive! I sold off everything except my tools when I had to stop. Maybe someday I’ll start up again and if I do, I’ll put up a picture!

I wish I could draw. Maybe I will steal something my spouse has drawn and post it in this thread and pretend I drew it. (I guess that won’t work since I just pre-confessed.)

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