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Pleaaaaaase :( i neeed money , buy my Gigs pleaaase sear :(

pleaaase i need money enter here and buy pleaaaaaaaase :frowning: – >

Begging for buyers will not get you any sale!

This is not the way it works on Fiverr. It is a freelancing website. You don’t scream at people saying you need money, you try to offer professional services that someone might need.

I took a look at your gigs, you need to do some research and figure out which type of gigs people are looking for and what is in demand that people might buy. Do people really need someone to explain to them how to upload an Instagram photo? Or to make an image grayscale?

YOu also have no information on your profile written. Go search for gigs that are similar to yours and look at other high rated sellers to get ideas how to create good gigs that will sell.

Then you just have to give it time. It sometimes takes a few weeks before you make your first sale. Also, when you do make a sale the money will take 14 more days to clear before you can withdraw it.