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Pleas e give me advice asap

Today is 10th time i’m getting this notification. Please advice me asap what I should do?
Where is the problem and how I can fix it?

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I had the same annoying issue, if it keeps coming up when you’re clicking on something, maybe try to remove your browser extensions, I think for me it was an adblock that caused this.


I tried it already but it did’t worked.

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As I guess today I played ad game on facebook. They were claiming to tell us our personality after clicking on the link. After this problem started


Did you log out of your Fiverr account and back in / closed the browser and reopened?

Sometimes it has happened to me when I’ve opened a Fiverr tab/tabs too fast or maybe even when I’ve clicked on the forum to edit a post too fast I think. Maybe if you load a page/pages too frequently/with too short a delay (such as buyer requests page etc) it might think you’re a bot. But also make sure you’ve not disabled any scripts that Fiverr needs to run - and maybe that all Fiverr cookies are enabled.

Yes tried it as well. Logged out from the fiverr and logged in again. I cleared my browser cookied and cache again. But now i’m receiving insane number of verify notification.
I’m also facing this issue on all other sites as well

If you’re receiving lots of verify notifications from all sites after clicking on that ad game it does seem like that could have been something to do with it. Just to be safe, have you tried doing a virus scan recently (since running that game?). But if happening with all sites not just Fiverr you could also try doing a web search to find the answer as it may be more general.

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