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Pleasantly surprised


So I was really bored today and went to the mall just like that. Wanted to see a good movie, but there wasn’t anything that I would want to watch. (There’s a great movie coming next week - Planet of the Apes, watch it] Took a chance on Wonder Woman. Never watch female-centric films, but the movie was really good. More action, more comedy and less feminism, thank God for that. Was fun, the actress that plays Wonder Woman was really great…her name’s Gal Gadot, I think. Her love interest, Chris Pine - he was in Star TREK - was fantastic, he creates all the funny situations. His sidekicks were funny too. The villains were super! Had a lot of fun for just a $4 ticket :sunglasses:


Awesome :heart: - thanks a bunch for the review, I honestly wasn’t convinced if I should go see it or not. Looking forward to seeing it now :grin:

P.S. can’t wait for “war for the planet of the apes” :heart_eyes:



Well I am waiting and saving for Transformers last night <3 :smiley:


Two movies I am looking forward to…

War for the Planet of the Apes



WOW…one more version…


Selected movies for @writer99025


LOL…have seen Gravity and Gone Girl, of course. They were more than just female-centric films. But just reading some of the stuff on Google on the success of the film Wonder Woman - “Hillary wants all girls to be wonder women”, “All women screening for Wonder Woman”…damn…nobody cares about these poltical/feminism stuff…people just want to see a good film and be entertained…it’s sad how politics invades absolutely everything, enough is enough. I don’t want to worry about supporting a cause or an ideology or make a statement when I am bored and just want to watch a movie for heaven’s sake.


Wonder Woman was amazing! The acting was great.
Your ticket was only $4?! Here in the Washington DC area, tickets are $15. Take a date and it’s $30 just to watch a movie. Fortunately, Wonder Woman was very much worth it.


That’s my excuse for going alone - what’s yours @writer99025?


Look who’s talking. :rolling_eyes:


“Arrival” really opened my eyes about other intelligent life forms, their ways and cultures - it was amazing, blew my mind away, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a whole month. I even thought of making my own writing form, that bad I loved it. Gosh, I need to see it again!


you may find this amusing. In case you don’t recognise her its Gal Gadot


Whoever that guy is, he is the luckiest man in the world. More fortunate than a billionaire.


So you pay for your boyfriend?

Here is my philosophy:

Cinema tickets $15, I pay $15
Take a date and it’s $30, I pay $0

That’s the way girl!!!


look at this :joy::joy:


@deivys20071 Those were amazing movies. I’ve watched that several times and I never watch movies more than once usually. There was a sequel too. They took four years each to make.


And yet you go on and on about politics ad nauseum.
Irony. Look that word up.


No, when I talk about politics, I talk about politics. When I talk about movies, I talk about movies. When I talk about cricket or soccer, I talk about cricket or soccer. I don’t mix up these things. My point is politics has been pervading things we do for fun - watching movies and even sports. That I don’t like.


your words stated it is sad that politics invades everything and yet you have it invading a work forum. Comprende?