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Please add a payment method for Bangladeshi Freelancers

Hello Fiverr Moderators,
There is a payment method name bkash in our country which is really very famous in our country. Most of the people use this to withdraw money in Bangladesh. Please add this payment method and help us to withdraw our money safely and fast


If it had been added then BD freelancers would have had so many benefits that it is not possible to explain


This is a Fiverr forum, only buyers and sellers will read your message. And noone will add a new payment methods for one certain country


First of all, this isn’t the place to be asking for this. That has to be done as a suggestion to Fiverr directly, and not in the forums. However, Fiverr would likely put your request in the trash folder quickly, for a few simple reasons:

  1. Integrating a payment provider costs a lot of time, energy, and money. It’s not done with a click of a button.
  2. Fiverr has some universal payment providers like Paypal and Payoneer that allows you to transfer funds to your cards, Paypal account, or bank account. I’m sure you have banks in Bangladesh as well, and if not, I’m sure you have the Internet. That makes the existing payment solutions available to you.
  3. If they are going to include country-specific providers like bkash, they would also have to add similar solutions for other countries. I’m sure you can agree that giving sellers from Bangladesh a specific provider, but not sellers from other countries, would be unfair and could cause many angry sellers from other countries who want their provider.

For example, here in Spain, we have Bizum. In Norway, they have Vipps. In Sweden, they have Swish.

Just three examples. They would all have to be included, along with any other providers for any seller country. Imagine the chaos! Imagine the technical upkeep, the amount of work, staff hours, and money Fiverr would have to invest, instead of focusing on solutions that work the same for everyone.

So you see… There’s no way you will ever get country-specific payment providers on Fiverr.


You are only waiting for that and continue your works

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Yes We need this Payment Method…

I am also a Bangladeshi freelancer like you. The fact is that Fiverr is running a business who is not only focussing a certain payment factor for a certain country.

Fiverr has already integrated all the possible international payment gateways available in the globe. If you are freelancer with holding a bank account you may transfer your funds through payoneer which will be redirected on your bank account with a simple click.

So in that case raising a topic targetting on a specific national payment gateway is totally out of the criteria.

At the end i want to say, Fiverr always try to make easier for us to transfer the funds. Take it as a blessing with all the available options they are offering right now. Thanks

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You are right but think they should add direct bank transfer its help full for all freelancers work in fiverr

vai eita kono din possible hobe na… :rofl:
Bolte paren derect bank transfer korar moto option rekhle valo hoy like freelancer :innocent:

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