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Please add an archive option or something for clients responding to buyer request

Hello good people of Fiverr,

Buyer request has always been one of the best ways how i can land amazing orders. But there is a problem…

Most buyers where responding to my proposal thinks that i remember what they have mentioned on their request, which in most cases are completely opposite.

Everyday Fiverr allows me to respond to 10 buyer requests. In most cases a buyer responds after 1-2 days. Which means that by then i have already sent 30 buyer requests. Is it possible to remember what i have responded too?

I request Fiverr to add a some sort of option where when a client responds the screen will show his initial request.

Thanks again.

Stay awesome

Well fiverr doesn’t actually have the exact same feature you’re asking. But you actually check the offers you sent. I think for now while the feature you’re looking isn’t available yet you can use that place where you can see all the offers you have sent.

Well i know these things. I posted this concern so that fiverr knows that this is a problem i am facing and might introduce new features to solve it

Yes I totally agree with you, I think that tool would be awesome for us buyers.