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Please add browser change tip to your FAQ


After reviewing the Ranting Pot and having a rant of my own, I finally found the reason for my problem with loading pictures was due to a mismatch between the browser I was using and your site. I tried for multiple weeks to upload pictures, making changes to the picture sizes/specs, and trying several other things. Finally, I tried to reach out to your Customer Support only to find that I had trouble doing that as well. In desperation, I posted a rant in the Ranting Pot. Receiving no response after over a week, I decided to go looking for a response and found my answer on a different post. I found a post with someone having similar problems, and a response said to try changing the browser. I tried it, and vwahlah my problem is fixed.

My point to all this is that I saw several posts similar to mine and I think this needs to be a FAQ point made so others will have this information readily available. I was using standard Google which is a highly used browser. When I changed to Google Chrome, my problem was fixed instantly. If there are that many people having this difficulty, it sounds as if others would benefit from this information because they are using a similar browser. It’s a very frustrating problem with a simple fix.



Hi and welcome.

This is a user forum so the the “you” that you mention several times is us, other users just like you. Many use multiple browsers. On Fiverr IE seems to be the biggest trouble maker, and many use FF or Chrome successfully.

I’m sorry you had trouble reaching out to Fiverr’s Customer Service. I’ve had 100% success with Fiverr’s support.

Having no response to a rant is not problematic to Fiverr. Your rant either didn’t have a large enough audience or no one new what to recommend.

There are many posts on this Forum, that explain in detail how to try clearing your cache, cookies, restarting your pc and trying different browsers.

Good luck!