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Please add message box to buyers request section

Some buyers ask for bulk orders and discounts in there requests. Only by sending an offer we will not able to give our exact message to the buyer. So it is better if you can add some message box to send to the buyer with the offer

Thank You

I am new to fiverr and please tell me how can I send request to message box for members to see what am I offering. I see lots of invitations in buyers request to buy their gigs. I do not know where where and how to send my request to buy my gig. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Click on send offer button and select your gig and submit

Reply to @zimron89: its useless , 1 guy requestes something , that request gets flooded by 100 users very good right


It is a good chance for buyers to select exact service they require. When there is a message box buyer can see discounts and offers of the seller as well

Message box is needed. Some requests are vague, buyers sometimes don’t know what they want exactly, e.g. need some promotion, marketing or branding advice etc. By message box we can tell buyers, how can we help in detail.

@mohinip Yes that’s true

Would be nice. Remembered when this was simpler back in the day.