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Please add Skrill payment option


(For those who read and agree to this please ‘Like’ it so that Fiverr notices and takes action)

Dear Fiverr,

– Please add Skrill payment option in your website.

There are people who have even gone to make a Facebook page to stress this point:



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I second you Fahad Zaki…


Even fragglesrock and fragglesrock know the importance of Skrill, that’s why they are successfully attracting millions of Freelancers from Pakistan


We are badly in need of Skrill to be added in Fiverr. It would really be appreciated by everyone who doesn’t have approach to Paypal and Fiverr itself can attract more people.


It is really distressing to see how Fiverr is leaving out many people because not adding alternative payment processors like Skrill or Payza. I wonder if this has to do with any terms they have with or interest they have in Paypal. Totally frustrating!!!


I believe Skrill would be easy and best option.


I totally agree with the other users.

I think it is important to include other payment processors other than Paypal to enable people from countries that do not have access to Paypal or Bitcoin do business on Fiverr seamlessly.

I wanted to place an order for a gig only to notice that Paypal declined to process my payment because my country does not appear on the paypal country list. I don’t think this is fair or just. Certain people should not be barred from enjoying the opportunities that Fiverr presents for the global community; except if Fiverr or Paypal is trying to say indirectly that it discriminates against the people who are not included or barred from using their services.

I want to kindly appeal to the management of Fiverr to provide alternative payment processors to accommodate different payment methods.

Also, I want to appeal to Paypal also to reconsider their decision of barring certain countries from using their services as this denies well meaning people from taking advantage of legitimate opportunities.

Thank you


Moneybookers/Skrill used to pay Kilimanjaro climbing trips or Tanzania wildlife safaris in Tanzania


whats so good about skrill ? isnt paypal better?


Neteller or skrill !!!


The problem with Fiverr is not only the 14 day wait period. That is insanely too high. The biggest problem is the loading of money to Payoneer cards which charges exorbitant prices knowing the fact that fiverr users have no option of using other payment methods. Also, another big problem is the fact that orders sometime start rolling in and other times there is a big break. In that time, the payment cycle gets disturbed. I have had to borrow money just to wait for the payment to be cleared from Fiverr. This is certianly very unethical that they are doing and this is not how Elance, and work. Fiverr should consider it or a Level 2 seller like me would simply quit and cancel my account to move to other established websites that provide a number of payment options and withdrawal options with low commissions and fees.



Paypal don’t support many countries so skrill payment is fiverr is imperative!




actually I’ve used Skrill once. their services Sucks!




Yes this is very essential to me.Please fiverr add Skrill,Nettler


I am having to transfer money from here to there, there to here. Costing me extra bucks. Now to transfer my money to Paypal for paying in fiverr will take days.




Agree with you.