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Please add sorting by number of reviews or rating

When I want to find a new seller on fiverr it is sometimes hard to find a good professional among hundreds of so called “New arrivals”
please add an option to sort the gigs by the rating which would be based on number of reviews and stars. Would appreciate this a lot


Considering that sorting by anything is not working currently, adding more broken sorting options would do little good. I usually use the best selling sorting, yet find lots of best selling gigs I’ve used to purchasing on the last pages, and new gigs with few ratings on the first pages. :thinking:


Like @adsensewizard has stated, filtering search results doesn’t work at all at present. There is one trick which you might find helpful, though.

A lot of sellers have recently started complaining about being moved to the very last pages in search results. When searching for a service, you could, therefore, try navigating to the very last pages of search results to find a suitable freelancer. I’ve tried this a few times and found lots of sellers with 1K+ reviews and higher average ratings than gigs on the fist search results pages.

Just remember to message sellers first to make sure they are active, as well as to ask if they would be happy to help you with your project.


That is a very good point! I believe most top gigs that are on the last page have been too successful, so room has to be given to less successful gigs as well. Why are they successful? Because they are great! I will try that for sure next time when I browse for gigs, start from the last page even when sorting by best selling, lol.

It’s a shame they have to abuse the sorting options, though. There is the “Recommended” sorting for that reason, that you can show new gigs on first pages instead of best gigs.

Indeed. This way of using Fiverr is also the only way which is officially endorsed by the King James Bible. :slight_smile:

So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

The only question is, are you good enough to be on the last page? :wink:


Its pretty basic which should have been there by default.
Of course i am a seller with a ton of reviews and placed last, and i wrote to fiver about this issue, they say they will consider it.