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Please add this button!

Is there any chance to add a “contact me first button” like the one I made in the attachments? This button will protect lots of sellers from scammers and clients who always want to have lots of work done for almost nothing. Also, the buyers (the honest ones of course) will greatly benefit from such feature because they will have the chance to discuss the whole order directly with the sellers (cost, duration, technical stuff…etc.)

Any one with me? raise your hands


@brandonmcfee That will never happen. As a business, fiverr will work on how to increase the average order per user but will not give you a tool to prevent someone from buying a gig. Once a user buys a gig if it does not work with you it will work with someone else and that is money for the company. When a buyer wants too much for too little money you first have to try to up-sell nicely, if that does not work then just ask for a mutual cancellation.

That’s complete BS. I sell on Fiverr, but I’m also a buyer, and the one greatest thing I hate about Fiverr is sellers who refuse to actually sell anything for $5, or play the, “Contact me first!” game. Fiverr has lots of room for big sales, but fundamentally it’s a budget website for micro-transactions starting at $5.

If you don’t actually sell anything for $5, then you don’t belong on Fiverr.

Take it easy jamesbulls , There was no need to use the “BS” to describe somebody’s else suggestion,You could have just disagree in a better way. Well, I am also a buyer on fiverr and the first thing I do is contacting the seller, to discuss the order with him/her. And who said that I am talking about sellers who don’t want to sell for $5??

The whole topic was about “fishy” buyers who conduct a strategy of “extortion” to get what they want for the lowest possible price. BTW: there is a “communication” rating on fiverr in case you didn’t notice, which means “communication” is important!