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Please advice, buyer cancelled completed order

I am a new seller with few sales but 5star ratings,
I did a job worth 200bucks, spent a lot of time and money, I delivered the order and the buyer was VERY happy with the final product and have me a VERY good review and 5start rating, I just received a message early this morning that the buyer disputed via PayPal, the money was removed from my balance and I am left with nothing,
Being a new seller, I am very sad about this that fiverr couldn’t at least contact first before cancellation. I spent over 150$ to make the gig successful and a LOT of time, now everything is gone. Fiverr should try and protect seller, please advice.

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So sad dear. You can contact to your buyer or fiverr support team.

I contacted them, they said there’s nothing they can do about it as it is out of there hands.
Just starting and loosing money and time is very bad.

Everyday I’m being surprised with a new thing. I wanna know how much of a seller’s right is reserved in fiverr when an order can be canceled after completed with 5 star review.

Oh my… this leaves me speechless.

Contact customer support and Paypal.
Try your best to explain the problem. Send a screenshot of rated review to fiverr also to paypal.
I don’t have any other idea.
You will find a solution.

thanks everybody, loosing 200$ to fiverr after two weeks is not encouraging sellers to give their best. I’m really discouraged, I spent close to 200$ making the project think I would be able to keep the buyer for upsells

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update*** fiverr just credited my account with the money as compensation.
It’s unbelievable
Fiverr CS is awesome
Thanks guys


Hi, the same happens to me. I have completed the order and client left 5-star rating then after 5 days, it leads to cancellation. The reason is that I’m not responding to the client. May I know you get your money back?

Because I have already said to them that every site has the courtesy of refunding in case, they take a wrong decision but still, they are saying no possible way to refund.

Please help me.

Same thing happened to one of my friend a month ago. He provided evidence that the delivery was done as promised with screenshots and also the review from the buyer with conversation. A few days later he got the refund from Fiverr. The buyer disputed after 4 months from the order delivered from him.
So, don’t lose hope. Try this method and hope it’ll help!


Thanks, your reply definitely gives me a hope.

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Glad to hear it! Keep trying! :smiley:

Your buyer was very lucky. I am new to Fivver no excuse but didnt know all the rules.

My buyer deliberately withheld the gig because she was late by 4 weeks and knew I was going to give her a bad rating. All I needed done was editing on a webpage through website builder so its like editing power point for the ÉXPERIENCED web designer. After 4 weeks and many promises to refund I contacted support many times over 2 weeks and heard nothing. I disputed via Paypal but the seller rejected the dispute and Fivver blocked my account for going against the guidelines. They did eventually refund the money after seeing what the seller did and reinstate my account but go figure.

It saddens me that both buyers and sellers who do the right thing are the ones getting scammed.

I am glad you got your refund.

Hey! Yeah, I’m replying after 2 years but how can a buyer cancel a completed order? Or were the policies different back then? Also, did you complete the order within time, as when you dont complete the order within time, the order gets canceled without the seller’s consent.
Please reply, as one of my buyers has started a dispute even after working so hard for him.