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Please advice , how to cop up with such situation


I worked for a client, and through out the order and revisions, he said that the design is very good. I did all the revisions as he said and he was happy with them which he showed in his messages, but he didnot replied to my last delivery for one day and suddenly left me negative rating. I talked to him and he just said i dont like it. I messaged the support to check all this but they are also not helping. What was that , what can i do in such situation. If he didnt like it then he should mention it , but he didnot infact he said it was very good.

Please friends advise me , how to cop up with this situation. What is the best solution for this?


Try to find out if that buyer did the same to any other sellers. I once encountered a similar case where the buyer left the same negative review to 8 sellers. All on similar GIGs. The fiverr support was informed with screenshots and they removed the negative reviews as well taking that buyer down.
I hope this helps.


Dear Alex:

You have over 1000 reviews and a 5.0 star rating, despite this negative review.

I suggest you forget about it and move on.

You might not want to work with this Buyer again if you can avoid it, but this negative review doesn’t really hurt your business.

You can search the forum for helpful posts of other Sellers who have dealt with this situation, like this one:

Good luck,


Its not about its effect on my profile. I just want the solution to cop up with such situations so that i can handle such situations next time.