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Please advice me deciding what to do with a buyer!

Hi everyone… after being in fiverr for 2 months I cann say it has been a great experience and I am really enjoying working here.

However I am getting into an uncharted territory and I am asking for advice.

One of my gigs (which has top score and outstanding reviews) received a purchase recently. The buyer did not meet the best requirements but I went , but I went and did. Its a musical gig, and he provided guide tracks out of tempo. He complained and asked for a modify and send a more proper track (which wasnt on tempo either) I asked for a proper tempo track and he got aggressive, saying that if couldnt do it he would ask for a refund. So, beign the diplomatic person I am, I talked the heat down and went ahead.

When I redelivered, he said that:

"Thanks for your beautiful guitar playing.This sounds in many ways excellent, the solo is good"

He the spotted some spots he wanted to perfect and then he said:

"Everything else is a masterpiece and I really like your regards"

I did the fixesw (minimal) and redelivered. To my surprise he says that my work is not good quality and he asking for a cancelation. I am amazed that yesterday my work was beautiful and a masterpiece… and the same tracks today are not good quality.

I think that since he has the final tracks already… by asking for a refund he is pretending to scam me by cancelling the order and not paying up. I declined his request for cancellation and said that I have deicated time on the gig, did all modifications and that he said my work was a masterpiece… and that I cannot comprehend that now he says is poor quality.

I wanto to ask for help in handling this situation… I wont accept his cancellation request… and I am not willing to offer a mutual cancellation since he already has the finished work and I will be losing time and money.

What can I do? how does fiverr handle this kind of situation?

Best regards.

Sorry to hear that you are going through this, but stuff like this does happen every now and then. You can keep rejecting this cancellation request, but I get the feeling that this buyer will ask customer support to cancel it for him. You can try sending this guy a message, telling him that you delivered good quality work and that he was happy with it, but I think he is just going to ignore you. I know it’s frustrating when this happens, but it might be best if you just accept the cancellation, and yes, he will get your work, and you will lose your money. I’m sorry. Just forget about this guy and move on. I’m sure you will get more orders from great buyers in the future. He is just some poor and cheap pathetic soul who thinks he can get away with free work. let him have your stuff, I bet it’s the only good stuff that has happened to him this year :stuck_out_tongue: Every time I encounter a buyer who has cheated, I tell myself that, and just pray that karma gets him. And I’m sure it will! :smiley:

I see… That was what I was suspecting… now… if I send the mutually order cancellation… Will it affect my status as a seller?

Can I contact customer support?

I also have experience like this. The buyer promise will do the other order if I deliver good quality artwork at him. There are 6 drawings need to be done and I offer to do the first and see the response.But after I delivered, the buyer give no response and promise is just the promise. Darn.

I think is good for you to mutually cancel the order,what you will get from other great buyers will cover what you lost in this one.

I want to cancel the order… but hey you know it is so bad to just lose time and effort and let him run… I will try contacting customer support… Thank for your great advice

hey Mino23 Just Cancelling Those types of Order will be good …and Ignoring That Type Of Scam will Make You top Rated Seller … Thanks .

I think I will have to do that… But I just cant stand how I got ripped off…

Don’t act like an employee if you don’t want to be treated like an employee. Your client is not your boss, if he demands a revision, do it only if you feel like it, I often cancel just to avoid the hassle. If he demands a second revision, deliver nothing (so the order can be marked as complete) and then tell him to order another gig. If he refuses, then you know he’s a bad client, and you want nothing to do with him.

What you must understand is that buyers have all the power, so the best thing sellers can do is refund them before they become a hassle. You’ll get plenty of good buyers that will love your work, don’t waste your time with the bad ones.

If you dont deliver a second revision, the order will be complete and I will receive my money?

Hello!!! Just wanted to make an upodate on this!!!

I contacted Customer Support… and showed all the proofs of the guy scam and they didnt cancel the order for me… even better… he ended up accepting the work and marking the gig as complete!!

Reply to @mino23:
I’m not sure if just one canceled order will affect your status. You can try contacting customer support to let them know about your situation. Be sure to send over the message this buyer sent you.