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Please Advice Me For Improve My Profile and GIG


Can anyone tell me how to improve Fiverr Profile anad GIG. For Client


Do you want to attach link to your gig?


Promote on social media :slight_smile: I currently reccommend using twitter :smile:


Mean Social Media Links or other


Thanks For advice:heart_eyes::hugs:


No problem! I also recommend you upload a portfolio of your previous work in each gig description. Will convince buyers more :smile:


Ok Sir thanks again…


But where i am make portfolio


Mean whos website good for portfolio


This is what I wrote in a previous post


I see on your profile that you do logo designs. Do you have images of previous work and logos you’ve done? Add that to your portfolio.


Love you Brother:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks Again For Advice


Hi there

Please promote the gigs on social media and keep sharing on it.

Hope it’s will help you.



But cannot see my profile


Well, if you want us to help you improve quality of your profile and gigs I would like to see a link to gigs.
Right now I need to spend time to open my laptop, go to fiverr, change to “see as a buyer”, type your name in search and look for your gigs. And I really don’t want to go through trouble of doing all that.

That might help you to get more advices by simply attaching the link here in this topic that will take us to your gig.


Thanks …


On your profile description use some keyword means service related keywords.Add Proper Skill as you Experience and service related skill.This help you to get buyer request.and Add10 certificate .
Gig category choice are most important part.Use short title and Use 5 Tags as your service related this help you buyer to find you when they search a specific work.Use Image SEO for gig.Choice Eye catchy thumbnail.
That’s are Basic most important part.

Thanks for your nice question and help.


Thanks brother…


Gig share in social media are little important things because no buyer hair you directly on social media.In linkedin or twitter you can see a search option .Serach here as looking for Graphics designer you will find many job post from buyer then you bid them on your fiver will get moro job here. I suggest you try to Daily active on fiver forum.