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Please advice me to optimise my gig!

Hello everybody, how are you all? i am new in Fiverr. Yesterday i completed my first work, and i got 5* Review. Please see my Fiverr Gig everything okay or need any change? If need any modification to please advice me.
Thank You so much all.


I think it’s great… Let me follow this post, I have interest on this topic.

keep your title short.

Try to use most related keyword in heading about your service but don’t stuff the keyword.

Try to give clear message to a visitor about your service don’t confuse them.

What kind of tag is buzzsumo @freelancer_rumi
And some buyers need someone to push them to buy their product. Write something
HERE YOU WILL GET 100% Satisfaction
Use the AIDA model

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I don’t think thew AIDA model would work with just a clear CTA.

Buyers are not sheep, they don’t need a big red button so they can purchase.

Things have evolved drastically in the past decade, if A. I. and D. are absent or weak, the second A. will do nothing for you.

So that’s what I was telling her

An unrelated question: did you receive an award by explaindio? The software?

Did they hold a competition of some sort?

Yup, They had a competition but due to some financial problems these competitions are closed now

Can you please link to the one you won?

I Need to know more about this topic.
Let me follow this post…

Title is too long, try to short it.

Are there any lists of the competitions they ran anywhere (like on their site)?

Right now I don’t think so

but right now a company known as jvzoo runs explaindio competitions I think

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Cool, just a link to the one you won would be great.

Anytime you are ready.

In my college there’s also discussion whether AIDA still related to the fast expanding online marketing. Many local store closed and switched to online selling, but when on the marketplace/social media, often A & I isn’t achieved, especially new product that need to compete with larger brands.

Do you have experience in other technique for marketing? For now, my business mate do marketing by using technique from psychology rather than normal marketing stuff. It sure sell but slow as hell.

Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.

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Hey just wondering if you found a link to your award.


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