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Please - advice needed! - first ever problem buyer today

I have been active on Fiverr now for about 3 months and am level 1 with a 100% positive rating.

I had a message from a current buyer today, 2 days into a 3 day long gig, very rude and stating that he had not received sample work from me with only a day to go, and if he does not receive it he will cancel the order.

We had exchanged a few messages before he ordered and at no point in the conversation did he mention he wanted a “sample” from me.

I messaged back stating 1) I still had plenty of time to complete the gig 2) he had never ordered a sample from me and 3) I have to deal with every order as they come in and when he ordered he was 4th in the queue. I explained I was a bit confused but he has not messaged me back.

In addition he suggested the spreadsheet incude a VBA formula which I do not currently provide - AFTER he had paid for a $5 dollar gig.

I will always help anyone and if I am late delivering an order I will aways keep the buyer informed and provide an explanation, and so far I have had no problems. I have always had understanding and pleasant buyers.

Any advice? Thanks


I would cancel the order. While a cancellation is not ideal, I smell a “negative review” in your near future. I would get out now.

Definitely not the kind of person you would want to work for. Since he asks thing you do not provide, I would cancel, or notify CS through Fiverrtron: buyer is unresponsive option, since he no longer answers to messages.

One single cancellation will not hurt your rating. A negative review would though.

Reply to @belgianwriter: Exactly! :slight_smile: Imagine finding out after the delivery when they keep making demands or threatening negative feedback in lieu of free work. I would dodge this bullet fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks both for the advice, I will deal with it now :slight_smile:

I requested a mutual cancellation thanks both again :slight_smile:

Reply to @helencool: You’re welcome! There are lots of awesome buyers out there. I wish you luck in finding them. :slight_smile:

Advice from an “Awesome Buyer”…

[and thanks for that one, Cheezees :slight_smile: ]

I BARELY check the Cancellation rating, when I’m deciding whether or not to Buy from a particular Seller.

(Unless it’s in red, which I think means over 50% of orders cancelled - Yikes!) :open_mouth:

I DO look at the Reviews (at the bottom of each Gig Description page). Even so, one bad review doesn’t bother me… because I’ve read enough threads here on the Forum, to know that there are some Real sshle Buyers out there! :open_mouth:

It would take several bad reviews, to convince me not to purchase a Gig I really wanted.

Hope that Buyer-perspective helps your decision, HelenCool. O:-)


Thanks Cheezes and Robert, I sent a mutual cancellation request which the buyer accepted but with a rather nasty comment. I couldn’t believe he had the cheek to pay for a $5 dollar gig, then moan because he hadn’t had the order with over a day to go, demanded a sample when he hadn’t asked for one in the beginning, and asked for a vba formula after he had purchased and without asking me. Then he blamed me!! Is there anyine you can report these buyers to?


I just checked out your 2 Gigs. One of them (which I presume is the one in question here) says:

"Complex formulas (No VBA)"

So is this Buyer SO STUPID… they can’t read a Gig Description…

…or is this Buyer SO STUPID… they use Excel but still don’t know the difference between a “normal” formula and VBA (which is a programming language in itself - for all you Excel non-users reading this thread).

So which is it:

-This Buyer is STUPID; or

-This Buyer is STUPID?