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Please advise


I am unemployed and wanted to bring out a comic to sell.

I found a seller on Fiverr who was willing to do the work provided I paid him a certain deposit.

We agreed that it would take some time for pay the deposit and now I have some money due to me so I wish to complete the payment.

I am very happy with his past work but I have totally lost contact with him despite leaving messages for me.

I don’t want to cancel the gigs I have ordered as part of the deposit but do wish to start the process of moving this along towards completion.

Please tell me what I can do and let him know I am trying to contact him ?


If his Gig is still active it’s possible he is simply overwhelmed. The sellers plate can either be full or empty at any given time. If he’s already provided you with an agreed amount of work, and you’ve provided an agreed portion of payment allow for a reasonable amount of time to continue polite communication. After that allotted time you may have to cancel the order. If either of you are due something from the other Support will have to become involved:

Hope he’s not the same one I brought a few gigs from.

I, too, needed some comic work done - I wanted a 5 page comic and found a seller who was willing, as long as I ordered one page at a time. He did 2 pages, then suddenly disappeared (while working on page 3).

After 2 months of waiting and messaging with no response, I had to cancel (this was as recent as a week ago).

I don’t think there’s anything you can do, cmbruyns. If a seller does not respond, and doesn’t mind the negativity of a cancellation, you’ve lost - unless you’ve got some way of contacting him outside of Fiverr (which is against Fiverr rules if you used Fiverr to contact him in the first place).

Unless you’ve paid this person directly (as everyone knows, Fiverr does not release funds until the job is done) you should get your money back. (If you DID pay this person directly, you’ve broken another Fiverr rule, and probably can kiss your deposit goodbye!)

Hey, I’ve got 2 pages of a 5 page comic. I feel your pain!

Did the seller’s name have two words in it and begin with an H and a D ?

On your Fiverr dashboard, click on the “shopping” heading. This brings you to your entire shopping history, including the seller’s name and profile thumbnail which is also a link to the seller. When you contact him again, be sure to put a time limit on his response (i.e. “If I don’t hear from you in 3 days, I will be forced to find another artist to complete this project…” or whatever). And if he doesn’t respond, I’m afraid you will need to move on, as suggested above. If you still have open orders with this seller, you should click on ‘resolution center’ and ask for a cancellation. If you have trouble getting your funds credited back to you for any undelivered orders, you can file a report with customer support, also.