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Please all members should help me on how to add video to my gig


Hello members, Please am Lee i Need i an urgent help on how to upload/add videos to my gig. I click on my gigs then add video but instead of the system to tell me to choose the video to be added from my computer, it just took me to a tutorial page on fiverr. I have send mail to support without reply please help me all is urgent please. Thanks in Advance


Their upload feature for videos on new gigs has been a little buggy for me. I think customer service might have some advice. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Are you sure it’s a tutorial page?

If I’m not mistaken, after you click my gig-add video, you’ll be directed to a page which you can immediately upload you video.

The page consist of the video rules details, a video explaining about the video feature in Fiverr, and a Browse button where you can click and upload your videos.

Or if it’s not working, you can delete your cache or something? I’m no expert for this stuff. :expressionless:

I just did and it’s pretty simple, hope this helps. :slight_smile:


@yuribelle yeap you are right but no browse button to use for uploading there?