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Please allow my customers to pay me instantly

Many of them trust me fully, and want me to get paid instantly without waiting for two weeks. Please give them an option to do so. Thank you.

I wouldnt mind the wait to be a little less but a time limit of some sort seems important for obvius reasons.

I don’t notice the wait anymore because I get payed everyday because I get orders everyday :slight_smile:

If buyer agrees to pay us instantly, there should not be any issues for Fiverr. I understand, Fiverr holds the payment in the interest of buyers, but, if we sellers have repo with buyers, and they want us to get paid instantly, there should not be any issues.

Maybe, Fiverr would give sellers extra credits while calculating “Level” score, based on the number of trusted buyers.

Even if a buyer agrees to pay you instantly, there is still no stopping them making a chargeback against you, and that is going to put Fiverr out of pocket because they will already have paid you! People can make chargebacks up to 45 days from payment, so Fiverr is already being fairly reasonable with the 15. I am sure that they still lose a tiny bit of money, but nowhere near the amount of money they would lose if they eliminated most of the delivery time.

Think about it, they implement a system that allows buyers to pay instantly. Brilliant? Nope! This could happen:

  1. Somebody gets their friend to purchase $200 worth of gigs. Friend agrees to pay instantly.

  2. The gig is marked complete. Seller paid instantly.

  3. Buyer instigates a PayPal chargeback. Fiverr do not fight the case and it will be found in the favor of the Buyer. PayPal has to refund $200 (they could say that the card has been stolen or something)

  4. Seller has $200 in their pocket as they have been paid. Fiverr has lost $200.

The sites like Elance pay instantly, some micro-task sites pay daily (except weekends/public holidays) regardless of amount, how they are operating then?

Reply to @ramesh_samane: It’s not cool to post names of other websites, disgrating


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The rules are in place for numerous reasons. Some of which are posted above.

The fact is that I’ve had people ask for refunds 6 months after the gig was completed.

If it were instant, and done through Pay-Pal instantly, Fiverr would be out of pocket. However, since Pay-Pal has a 14 day hold, if anyone makes a chargeback it will not affect their Pa-Pal account. Fiverr would have to pay out of their pocket. But their Pay-Pal business account would be fine.

Let’s be honest here.

Most Jobs require a week or two holdback from when you start. You don’t get your first paycheck for at least 2 weeks. If you get paid Bi-weekly or more it’s even longer. That’s a normal job in the real world. I don’t hear anyone complaining about that.

The good part is that when you’re done your job you still have another paycheck coming.

Same as Fiverr. Once the initial 2 week period is up you start to see money clear daily. (If you complete a gig a day). And, 2 weeks after you are done with Fiverr you will still see money clear for 14 days.