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Please Allow Option To Edit Username


I’m sure I’m not alone here but, please please please add an option to edit/change your username. Our usernames as far as I know play very little or no part in the SEO of our gigs/profile. My username does not match my services as it’s normal for people to be able to change it. A simple mistake in the beginning and once I got the ball rolling with orders I felt like I had already worked so hard to get those that I don’t want to start all over with a new account just because I can’t change my username. So, I’ve been with it ever since but I would do anything in the world to be able to change my username. Honestly am just completely confused as to why this wasn’t something that was a part of Fiverr from the beginning.


This isn’t going to happen. Usernames are permanent because they set and identify you throughout this site. It becomes permanent the moment you create an account – just as account usernames are permanent on all other internet sites.


It’s because you have a history on the site that people need to be able to see. Someone could have a bad experience with you and then order again from you not knowing it was the same bad seller they used before.


or the buyer who wants to order your service again won’t recognize you. It will do more harm than good imo.


allowing user name change will be difficult for the system… and users especially can take advantage of it, by changing their identity in case they deliver poor work … just thinking…


Fiverr already also identifies users by userId/user_id (numeric) - which can be seen in the page source - the user id of the logged in user, so it shouldn’t be that hard I think for them to allow the user name to be changed. The new username could keep the same user_id.

There could also be an option to view a user’s user name history if necessary.

They already allow some users to delete an account and create a new one, where the old account no longer shows on the site. Allowing a change of username could be as similar thing - though they’d just need to make sure everything transfers over, depending on the database design. If user_id is used practically everywhere in the database tables (instead of having the username be a key field in many) it should be reasonably easy to do I think.

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If someone is only a buyer and never a seller and never has had any gigs they sometimes can close their account and then open a new one as far as I can tell.

A seller can never change their ID.