Please allow portfolio editing


It is very important that we as sellers can make a selection of our best works to show in the portfolio and currently we can not edit it.

Does anyone agree with this?


How do you mean edit? Right now you can edit and upload up to 3 images per gig, and I assume you get to upload more once you reach higher seller status.

Or do you mean the work you send out to clients, which is saved to your portfolio?


Hi, That’s right, I mean the work I send to customers.
I mean choosing the files to display on my profile (I offer Voice Over Services), so I have no control over the audios that are displayed in my portfolio or maybe I do not know how I can manipulate that part.


If you’ve flagged the option: show online portfolio then that’s it.
I bet the idea of Fiverr is that nobody can show just the “good” work and avoid the ones with bad reviews. That’s why when you check “online portfolio” it shows everything up to a certain amount of your last deliveries: good ones, bad and regular…
No chance to change that.


Yes I think the firthunandsvox knows its not possible as of now, that is why he had written this post as a kind of petition to make this possible.

I agree that this possibility would have to do more with a real life portfolio, where a person only chooses to show his strongest work. This is especially true in creative fields.

As for people only showing their best work, since there is an option to turn off adding client works to portfolio showcase, people that don’t want to show weak work would just enable that option.
Thus I do not see any reason why not to choose ones best works only, or at least make it possible to arrange the portfolio as one would like, having the strongest work at the fore front.

But this would take some work and effort and hassle to implement, and as people don’t seem to be bothered by this en masse, I don’t see this happening.


They already give us a place to do that.
While we can’t control the items shown in the “Live Gallery” you have an option of three additional “Gig Audio” samples. If I remember they are shown first in your portfolio.

Each of those can be up to 3.5 minutes long, so you could easily create a collection of your best, and showcase those. That’s a ton of samples.

I haven’t done that yet, but I believe it’s available to all VO sellers. (I could be mistaken, but it’s been available to me for months…)

Also note: You can put a link to Soundcloud for additional samples too.

I have that set up and it works pretty well. If you have them there you get stats on how many people listened to samples. (I have around 5,000 listens since I started…)

If you want to see how I set mine up, check it out here:

Just remember NO direct contact info allowed if it’s linked to Fiverr.

Here’s the place to add them in your Gig Gallery:

I hope that helps.


You sure?
Think twice… that option is already there for all of us, since I’ve joined here 5 years ago.
Didn’t know you all didn’t know and @lisabaarns had to explain it. But yep… there is place to learn something new everyday, uh?


The option to upload additional AUDIO samples is relatively new, within the last 6 months or so. (We could always upload additional photos, but that is less helpful for the Voice Over category.)

I started a year ago, and while we could upload the additional photos, we couldn’t upload additional audio that showcased our best. I had to create the Soundcloud page when I first started. I should (will) upgrade and put together a set of samples for those spots too.

Currently orders are strong, but on one of the slow days I’ll get to that…


Thank you very much! Your response has been of extraordinary help!



Sorry, I don’t follow about the option you are talking about.

Since the OP said that he would like to select from the work that he sends to customers, which to add and which to dismiss, to his portfolio, I was assuming he does know that its impossible to do so? Yes and I mean after selecting the option to add the work automatically after doing it for the client.
That would be the work OP was referring, and its added as is, without the ability to choose what work to add, what to dismiss in our portfolio.