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Please analyse my GIG


I am having hard time getting new customers :frowning: Can you guys please check my GIG and suggest what should I edit and guide me?

Thanks allot in advance peeps!

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The gig info video is a bit short. Maybe the video could include example web sites you could create and the different options/things included. If you have another gig image available, maybe that could be used to show an example web site/web pages.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I will do accordingly.

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The first part in your description is hard to read as it’s a huge wall of text. Space it out a bit, also use bolding and highlighting to make the important parts stand out :slight_smile:

check also my gigs and guide me what changes are needed?

The “Background Removal” gig.
On your profile page, that shows all the gigs, the “Background Removal” one has the “Chance Just Order” wording half cut off (because Fiverr crops it). Maybe make that text repositioned in the image so it doesn’t get cut off.

Maybe the main “Background Removal” image could incorporate some graphics that represent background removal.

The text “20 images in just $5” could say “20 images for just $5”.

The “I will design professional ebook cover in 12 hours” gig

Your gig title just mentions ebooks, not physical books, but 2 of your gig packages say “Front + Back + Spine”. If you say “back+spine” shouldn’t your gig title also mention print books?