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Please analyse my gigs and suggest ways to get buyers

Please analyse my gigs and suggest ways so that I can get buyers as I am a new seller.:slightly_smiling_face:
Please help and thanks in advance.:relaxed:

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You could put a link to your gig(s) or profile so people can more easily find them to make suggestions.

The gig “I will convert pdf to word , excel or ppt”
Maybe remove the space before the comma in the gig title. The gig image looks over-compressed/blurry. The text “please check out my gigs” in the gig description might be a bad idea - they’re already looking at a gig. You might want to remove “unlimited” revisions.

For the profile maybe change " I am also having a youtube channel" to “I also have a youtube channel” or “…YouTube channel”.

To get more buyers, you could create more gigs and use the buyer requests section to send offers as well as promote the gigs.

Here are some important tips every seller should know [LONG]:

Also read that:


Thanks for suggestions. I will try to improve.