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Please answer my question!


Hello ,
i have a very important question that requires immediate answer .
Before two weeks , a buyer ordered my service , i sent him the work . However , he asked me for modifications , however he didn’t click on “request modification” button although i told him to do so , so that the order don’t close .
After 3 days , the order was marked as completed .
i messaged him , letting him know it is okay and i will still be kind and continue his order on messages .
Now , that his order is taking me long , he sent me a message informing me that he will appeal this to customer service and even is threatening me of going to the court !! Does he have the right to do so much?


He can do whatever he likes but you did nothing wrong so don’t worry about it.
He can’t sue you of course and if he goes to customer support they will see he didn’t
ask for revisions at the time he should have. Case closed.

If 3 days went by and the order completed then you are not required to continue to work on it at all so if I were you I would stop working on it and since he threatened you, never speak to him again for any reason or respond to him.


Thank you Misscrystal . He simply asked for modification but never took action and clicked that button !
i don’t like getting into such cases where someone is threateninf me !!