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Please answer my questions

If there is an existing order and I will have to create an offer because he ordered the wrong price, if he accepts the new offer I created will it add on his recent order? or will the order be replaced by my new offer?


no you have to complete or cancel active order by the way what is problem in price? is price low in your active order or high? if price is low then you can complete this order and ask buyer to order again with you due price


This is wrong advice. Don’t do this by send new offer. Your buyer won’t happy because like this way he need spend another $2 fiverr cost.

If your price is too low…, and you want to add more price…, and can send your buyer new additional gig offer.

It’s inside your running order…, check the message box…,
You should be able to send additional offer ( Offer more EXTRAS ).

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the price is low and he did not see the other prices, I would like to know if I create an offer for 10 usd even tho there is an active one for 5 usd will his expense becomes 15 or just 10? Im avoiding additional service fee since he is a new buyer. thank you!

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What will happen if I would create a new offer?

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for example…, if your running order is $10…,
you can send additional offer AT YOUR CURRENT ORDER $5.
If your buyer accept the additional offer…, then your current order will be $15.

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If you create a new offer…, then your buyer will need to spend another $2 plus your offer.
Your buyer will think that you are unprofessional, chance will cancel the order.

Where can I see that option? I don’t want him to pay another service fee

At your current order gigs page.
Below the message box.

You can see the “OFFER MORE EXTRAS”

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I have not yet found it but thank you! maybe because Im using a phone

sorry i didn’t notice that fiverrr $2 cost, thanks for your replay now i also have this knowladge by yor replay thanks again

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Why are you copy/pasting what some other poster already said - and it was WRONG by the way?

To the OP:

If the price was too low, on the ORDER page go to the BOTTOM of the page where there is a message box - you will see a link that will say something likes “Add custom extras” - click on that and then add a CUSTOM extra - that way you can ADD time to the order if you need a day or more to complete the order. If not, you don’t have to add more days - but, it is nice to use this option if you do.

If the original order was only $5 and they need to pay $10 and you send an offer for $10, then they would be paying $15, because the $5 order still stands. If you want them to pay a TOTAL of $10 then you would need to send an Extra of $5, not $10 - I am not sure how the service fees work though and whether they would have to pay an additional $2 or whatever it is - someone else can probably answer that.


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Thank you! I did customed offer I think no additional service fee needed

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You can offer your buyer “Gig Extra” along with the running order.

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