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Please any buyer can help me I'm improve my topic to get my first order

The link you provided is to your seller dashboard, not your gigs. If you can adjust that, I’d love to take a look!

Ok just wait **emphasized text

It looks like it has potential. your packages are for certain amounts of images, however your number of images should be adjusted with how many you offer in your titles. For your basic package of two photo edits, in the “# of images” section under it should be adjusted to 2. The revisions for your packages are also set to unlimited. This means that if the buyer is not pleased, you will redo it endlessly. I find it better to put a limit to revisions, but that is completely my own opinion. I hope my feedback helps!

So now I can not understand what to do you pleace can help me


Have you listened to this podcast episode yet?

I can highly recommend it. Very good tips on how to set up your gig and profile in a professional way.
The first impression is very important. So try to avoid spelling mistakes.
Check out the “Grammarly” app. The basic version is for free.

Good luck!

If your “# of images” in each package is “Unlimited” does that mean you would do photoshop editing of >500,000 images in 1 or 2 days for the amounts specified in each package (eg. for $10)?

Also is there a reason why your link is for the username srshanto993 but your forum username is sr112211?