Please any one help me


i want to know about fiverr mobile app. if i install fiverr app on my mobile and login to my account but in a reason my mobile crush so i was flash or format my mobile. but i want to know in this time if i install fiverr app and login, fiverr will banned my account? please ans anyone.


I think there is no problem with your Fiverr App. I think the problem is with your mobile. Fiverr mobile app is a great way to handle the account activities on the go. If you use it under the rules of Fiverr, there is no way they will ban you. I hope you got the answer.


No fiverr won’t ban your account for installing and logging in from the app.


Not at all, Its just app, you can use this in this any android mobile again, you can login the app again, No, fiverr will not ban your account!