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Please any Suggestion tell me

Me need your help because I am worry.I get One order and I complete this.But after accept delievery then, after some days he tell me and Maybe He Report fiverr support and After that Fiverr Disable my Withdraw after Withdraw disabled I contact fiverr team.He tell me in that order is problem.Then, I contact that customer.Now he tell me that refund me.What I do now? Because for that Order I spent Lot of money and time… Please any Suggestion tell me


Did the buyer state what the problem is? Have you offered to fix the problem?

Thanks for your reply… He say now that you not make this like I want… And saying for refund… But I spend $200 and more time on that…

Contact SC as they can resolve the situation. We can merely suggest things that can be done on your side (aka contacting support) or debate about the whole situation.

Did you? Was your delivery completed to the quality of your samples, the promises of your gig, and the buyer’s requirements?

Just spotted the problem. You have this in all but one of your gigs: “100% money back warranty”

It doesn’t matter how much you spent on this Buyer. You made a promise. You’re probably going to have to cancel.


Words carry meaning, especially on a gig page of what a buyer should expect from a seller in a service and delivery.

So, so many sellers are unwittingly crippling themselves by offering unlimited revisions and satisfaction and money back guarantees in an attempt to stimulate orders without really thinking of what they are doing.


And If I want to cancel and How I do?? Because that is completed… And with that I will lost his $200 and time… What that is Only last way or Nothing is next… I not want to lost his money…If that is last… Ok as your suggestion I will do

This is an expensive lesson to learn the hard way. I suggest you fix your gigs immediately. As for cancellation, Fiverr Help and Education Center

What I cancel?? Or Not…

And Please tell me about that… This Mail come to me

That’s unrelated. They are waiting for your reply, so respond to the ticket.

What I say Now to them??? Please tell me

I don’t know, it’s your ticket. You not being able to withdraw your funds isn’t something anyone here on the forums can help with. Check your ticket and see what they’re asking for.

And If want to rufund him… Then, How I do

I already provided the link. See post 8.

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Ok… Thanks a lot! You are amazing

What I do now? CS Says Contact buyer for confirmation but buyer not responsing me from 2 days… I also have other orders payment for withdraw… Please help me… I want to solve at any price… And What If I change Gigs Description I can do or not???

Ask CS to reach out to the Buyer for you.

I glanced at your profile. You need to change your English level to ‘Basic’.