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Please, anybody, help me, why I cannot sell my gig on Fiverr?

I create a gig on Fiverr. But I cannot sell my gig in Fiverr. Why I face this problem?

Please, help me!


“I hope that I will better my skills” would need to be removed from your profile description as that will certainly be a turn off for any buyer who is looking for a professional service.


@bdyubrajhossain, are you offering something unique, that people couldn’t easily do themselves or bringing a unique angle to a previously-provided service or product? This is a key to shifting products and services here at Fiverr. One of the main problems is that you’ve probably just jumped on in there without a perusal of either the Academy or the Blog provided by the folks here to help us all. Try using those two resources 1st. There’s a LOT of reading - I took a 2 month period to consume all needed info beneficial to my career here on this network. Good luck, and KEEP TRYING!