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Please Anyone Check The gig and tell me whats the wrong, Because i havent any order yet… Thanks you

Please anyone check my gig and tell me whats the wrong, I am new in fiverr and I don’t understand what the problem is??

Hello, can you really remove 100 backgrounds in 24 hours with unlimited revisions? That could get you in trouble.

It looks too desperate, the quantities you will do for $5 in my opinion. Reduce those numbers by half. And do not offer unlimited revisions. Offer 4 revisions, that should be enough for background removal.


I am no photo editing expert by any means but this :arrow_up: seems almost impossible to do while maintaining excellent quality and also while offering unlimited revisions.

I won’t be surprised if people opt for gigs that seem a little more believable and gives them a sense that the delivered product would be of premium quality and not just… something that has been rushed through. :thinking:


Thanks for your great suggestion …

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