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Please anyone give me suggestion

last 2month, i can’t got any order!! what’s wrong my profile and my gig’s i can’t understand ,please, anyone suggest me what i can do now??

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In this section of forum you can ask us to improve your GIG.

In order for us to do this effectively your post must be/include:

a) Preferably proper English language
b) Your experience and skills (real one, not you have Illustrator on computer and that makes you graphic designer, we need truth in order to help)
c) Links to your GIGs (this is section where it is OK for you to post your links)
d) Did you read TOS
e) Did you search previous topics on forum and how many hours did you read other topics related to your question?

Please provide answers in style
a) My answer:

Kind regards.


Thank You… :heart:

Same Problem …

Same answers; please
a) My answer:…

okey,ma’am but i am web designer , Illustrator needed in my pc??

Thank you so much …

a) Your answer
b) Your answer

The Illustrator was just a example, not exact program. Premier PRO, Cut, wordpress templates, Windows movie maker… doesn’t mater. Owning it doesn’t make you a web designer. That was just example. We need to hear your actual experiance.

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Did you want to know my fiverr experiance??

You have used the same video on all of the gig, there is a lot of scopes to add more variety on your gigs. You may use the video on just one gig & use images on rest of other gigs.


okey, sir thanks for nice suggestion :grinning:

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Wp_kid is Lead moderator, not “bro”, and even so, you should not address people as “bro” in business environment.


okey, ma’am sorry, i am new in forum

And I am not ma’am whatever that means.

No problem. just keep in mind even though you are writing it is still business site. Keep your professionalism on when addressing to people, unless they do not deserve it.

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okey :grinning: :grinning:

This should be in the TOS! :smiley:

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