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Please anyone help me?

I’ve been sending Buyer request for a long time but can’t find work.
Now, Can someone please help me? How do Fiverr order and rank gig?


We cannot help you find work – that’s something YOU need to do on your own. After all, YOU are the freelancer offering your services here on Fiverr. If you want more orders, you are going to have determine who your target customers are, figure out what they need, and how you can solve those needs, and then determine where those target customers are located. Go to where those customers are, and convince them to hire you. YOU are the business person here. YOU are responsible for your own success.

It is not wise to sit back and expect Fiverr’s buyer request section to provide the orders for you. You need to engage with your customers, form a relationship with them and their needs, and be the seller they need to hire (instead of any of the many other sellers who are offering the same services as you).

As for “ranking your gig”, there is no such thing. The Fiverr search algorithm is automatic, and constantly shuffles gigs based on many changing factors – most of which only Fiverr knows. You cannot, therefore, control the Fiverr search results, nor where your gig shows up within those results at any given time. Focus on what you can control – and that is how YOU reach our to the target customers who need what you have to offer.


You edit gig title and description use unique keywords and tags surely you get a order soon.

Thank you so much all

You need to take a look at your gig compared to your competitors, where are you ranked? are you on page 1 or page 7. If you are on page 7 you will not be found by buyers so you need to get to page 1. How you do that is by promoting your gig via social media, blogs, youtube etc. The more people that see your gig and go to fiverr and purchase it, the better you will rank. Also sales means reviews so those buyers will most likely review your work and that also helps other buyers consider you when you have more reviews. So first optimize your gig, great images, copywriting, offer value with bonuses for your work, and then once optimized try promoting your gig and try to get some sales rolling which more likely will result in reviews if you do a good job, and then you will see your gig move up in ranks and other buyers considering you as well… Hope this helps.

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Improve your gig. and send more buyer request

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Thanks @jonbaas for kind and accurate information about fiverr algorithm… You have suggested us how to get order… Thanks again…