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Please Avoid Trusting My Review



I bought two writing services this year, 2019, and I gave the seller a rating of 5.0. If you were to see my review, please avoid trusting it. Please read the rest of my post to please understand my request.

I paid $25 to get a résumé and another $25 to get a cover letter. After I ordered these two services, I learned that one of the jobs that I was hired to do was a scam; I also learned that I didn’t know if a second job that I thought about applying to was another scam. I ordered the résumé and the cover letter so that I could apply to the second job, but because I didn’t know if it was a scam, I decided that I didn’t need the résumé or the cover letter. However, it wasn’t any of the seller’s responsibility that I was involved in the scam and in the questionable job offer, so I requested that the seller please keep the money.

The seller decided to write a general résumé, and I accepted. I had another job before I was involved in the scam, and before the résumé was sent, I requested that the seller please write it by using information based only on this job. The seller accepted my request, but when I read the résumé, I saw that the information about the scam was included. I told the seller about this, and the information was removed; however, I also saw that a semicolon was misused and that a letter that was in uppercase didn’t need to be in uppercase.

The seller also wrote a cover letter, and in it, I saw some issues again, such as multiple missing periods and a missing comma. Because of all of these issues combined with a total price of $50, I wouldn’t recommend either gig to anyone. I was already feeling some frustration after I learned that one of the jobs that I was doing was a scam and that I had spent $50 so that I could apply to another job that I didn’t know was a scam or not. When I saw all of the issues that I talked about earlier that were in the résumé and in the cover letter, I felt more frustration because I assumed that the seller had multiple higher standards based on the prices, on some of the positive reviews that I read, and on the seller’s 4.8-or-above rating (I forget the exact number of the rating); however, I was wrong.

I didn’t want to vent any of my frustrations toward the seller, and I wanted to give a rating and a review in the least amount of time, so I gave the seller a rating of 5.0 in all three areas: Seller communication level, Recommend to a friend, and Service as described. The ratings below show my actual thoughts:

Seller communication level 3.4
Recommend to a friend 0
Service as described 4.4

I don’t want to say who the seller is.


You’re not obligated to review a seller, I also wouldn’t worry about your review.

Sellers sometimes get 5 stars they don’t deserve, but if they’re scamming people, others will give them 1 stars and that will hurt them.

You should have demanded a revision if the seller didn’t do the job to your specifications. You can also demand a refund.

A tiny mistake like that is not important, you can fix that yourself. Think of how hard writing or rewriting resumes is, plus writing a cover letter. Imagine you had to do it for a perfect stranger that you don’t even know.

Maybe he’s flooded with work, maybe your instructions were unclear or too long, that’s why the revision button exists.

Also, as a seller, I’d rather have someone vent his frustration BEFORE leaving the review. My worst nightmare is someone complaining about me on the forum, or anywhere else.

As for the seller’s rating. Think of a seller like a club, there are clubs for bikers, country bars, discotheques, jazz clubs, etc. So sometimes it’s not that a club sucks, it just sucks for you. However, if it sucks for too many people, that club will go out of business. It’s the same with gigs, a gig that’s getting too many negative reviews will eventually get no orders.


Sometimes people go back and decide to blame things on a seller after they have something frustrating happen to them. Or they take out frustrations on a seller. Are you doing this? Don’t look for a scapegoat.


Hi fastcopywriter,

I please thank you for your reply. I please completely agree that I’m not obliged to leave a review, but I didn’t like it when someone didn’t give me a review, so I treated this seller based on my preference to please get a review.

I don’t believe in the “should have” idea because it doesn’t matter now. I can’t change my past, so your having told me that I should have done something won’t change the result that I didn’t do what you said I should have done. Also, I couldn’t have demanded a refund without demonstrating unreliability by showing hypocrisy when I already requested that the seller please keep the money.

I don’t know which mistake you meant was a tiny one, but none of them were tiny to me. Yeah, I could fix that myself, but my approach to every result that I please produce is one that no one else would need to fix, and I applied this standard to the seller; this was my mistake.

I don’t want to think about any of the things that you said to think about because my reaction to being told to do anything is to please avoid doing it.


This reminds me of a famous person who went to look at the eclipse of the sun. People were yelling at him “don’t look at the sun!” so that was when he looked up directly at the sun without any sunglasses on. I don’t think he would have done that without people yelling at him not to.

So don’t be like him and do or not do things just because someone tells you to, or not to. Sometimes they tell you things to help or protect you.


Hi misscrystal,

If I had wanted to take out frustrations on a seller, then I wouldn’t have admitted that I assumed anything about the seller and that my assumptions were wrong. I also would’ve identified the seller by posting the seller’s user name, but I didn’t.

I don’t understand this part of your first reply: “Are you doing this? Don’t look for a scapegoat.” Did you ask a question and then answer it yourself by concluding that I looked for a scapegoat?


I didn’t know what you were getting at so I assumed that due to the scam jobs you got you went back and decided to express problems with the seller. I didn’t see the connection between the seller and the problem with the jobs you applied for.


Hi again misscrystal,

I didn’t ask to get any help. To me, if someone were to want to help me, then this person would please ask if I wanted help before deciding whether or not to give me any help.

I wrote about the scam and the questionable job offer to explain my side of the situation because I involved both of them. I did say that “ . . . it wasn’t any of the seller’s responsibility that I was involved in the scam and in the questionable job offer . . . ”


For me it seems strange to go back and regret giving a seller a good rating. It’s over. I would never think back on that and wish I had left a bad review. To me it hints of something else. Something seems off about it.

And the way you are mixing the two things, the rating you gave a seller, and the frustration with two jobs being scams… it’s two different subjects. Just my thoughts on this and I could be wrong of course.


A very unfair post to be honest.

You left a review in the required time, but now you’ve changed your mind for various reasons.

What you should do is shrug your shoulders and move on.

What you’ve decided to do is leave a review here on the forum to which the seller has no right of reply unless they happen so see it. If the seller did reply here, no doubt it would lead to some sort of public slanging match, which wouldn’t be good for anybody.

I don’t think that’s how the feedback policy or the forum’s supposed to work.


Here is a bit of tidbit for you to keep in mind… Writers, including resume writers, can be their own worst editors. Therefore, I always tell my buyers to please look over the work to see if I missed something. It’s why reporters have editors before articles are published. We read something as if it’s there but it may or may not be. Or miss something as small as a semicolon. Just making you aware of this possibility for future reference.


I don’t see any reason to explain anything else.


Hi, I told you what you should have done so you can learn from the experience and not make the same mistake again.

Wrong, you can demand a refund for any reason or no reason. Usually “I didn’t like it” or “this isn’t what I wanted, please refund” is enough. This isn’t Lyft, on Lyft I get $5 if a buyer doesn’t show up within 5 minutes, I also get $5 if I’m 5 minutes away from my destination, and my buyer cancels. Lyft does that because they need to keep drivers happy. Fiverr has different policies, here it’s all about keeping buyers happy.

That’s an assumption. A job is perfect when the client says it’s perfect. If the client doesn’t know better, that’s too bad. Anything can be fixed, even things that aren’t broken will be fixed.


So since you were in a rush you gave the seller the best possible rating? And now you’re on the forum ranting about it?!?! Would it have taken so much extra time to give them the rating you felt they deserved? Honestly it took you way longer to write this post then it would have taken you to leave a simple accurate review.

No need to even reply to my comment.


No it’s not enough. Even in fiverr tos it’s said that you can not ask for refund based on quality of work. All cancellations happen only if seller didn’t deliver service that they promised.


They can ask for one but have no right to get one if the service was delivered as described.


I don’t see any reasons to explain anything else. This is please my last response under this topic.


And you know what happens when you report it to CS? They tell you to work with your buyer! They don’t close the order for you! How can you work with someone that hates your delivery and doesn’t even offer constructive criticism? You can’t!

Besides, I’ve always delivered the service I promised. If you paid for brand names, I’ll deliver brand names. Then a buyer might tell me:
“I don’t like them, please revise.”
I revise.
“I hate them, I want my money back.”
So I do that.

That’s the reality of working on Fiverr, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how well you treat your customer, the quality of your work, at some point, someone will demand a refund and you will be powerless to stop it.


I feel bad that you have to do this. I understand but still it’s so unfair.


hopefully i won’t ran into these kind of buyers :smiley: ( who am I kidding … there’s always at least one / day )