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Please avoid using this supplier

I have really upset one of my clients, because I promised to deliver something that “*****” said he could deliver in 2 days. When I chased him up saying that I needed the work submitted, as we were already on day 5, otherwise I would have to cancel the order, his reply was “Cancel the order, its ok”! It’s ok for HIM, not ME!!!

Calling out users by name is against the forum rules.

If you tried to buy something on Fiverr to resell to your client, it’s always a gamble. When reselling I’d suggest using a well-established gig with lots of positive reviews (not just 3-5) and make sure the seller is comfortable with working for resale.

Don’t make promises you cannot keep to your clients and if you have to rely on third parties to do the work as you cannot do it yourself do not put all your eggs in one basket and rely on just one person to do it. Once you start outsourcing work you have promised to your client you have to account for this. Order from several people to cover all possibilities so you don’t upset your clients

Personally, I love it when resellers fail. I tried reselling videos from Fiverr and had very mixed results. Late deliveries, people selling the same template over but saying it was custom work, then the big slap in the face I got when a buyer I had got a takedown request.

I was just testing the water though. If I was going to go into reselling more seriously I’d always buy 2 of the gigs I needed from different sellers, always make sure I knew how to do most of the work myself, and I would never set a final delivery date for work for less than one week after delivery from my easily exploitable Fiverr sellers.

All that said, you’ve got to love the resellers who really do have their stuff together. Fiverr would likely suffer considerably without them.

@cyaxrex Most people ordering videos from me are resellers. A lot of them order over and over and are good customers & know exactly what they want but a minority… a minority really don’t know what they want, what they are doing and try to extract blood out of a stone.

The main issue with the minority of resellers is they just just get some vague instructions from their customer that could mean anything and then try to put in multiple modification requests after delivery because they do not even understand what the client is asking for and the client starts raging at them for delivering something they never asked for. Some of these resellers are just trying to make some quick money after they have picked up an e-book and leave a trail of carnage in their wake and finally just disappear into the night as quickly as they appeared moving onto some other hare brained money making scheme while cursing the sellers for not delivering what they never asked for in the first place.

One of my regular clients charges people $400 for his crappy service.Then I get to do a big part of it for $5. I don’t envy him as most his clients are grade A morons with hopes and dreams, and I often get the most confounding of the lot when it comes to writing something semi-coherent on their behalf. I don’t particularly enjoy it, and I have severely curtailed the work but he still won’t budge from $5, while frequently sending huge multiple orders from the world’s dimmest people.

Are you doing the same kind of thing? If you are pocketing huge profits from no work, it’s a little rich–*wink–to complain when it goes tits up from time to time. Personally, if I were you I would have gone for an extra fast in this solution, but it’s all about you and your huge profits. So the egg on your face is a delicious virtual breakfast as far as I’m concerned. May your client discover that they’re paying you premium prices for a cheap service.

Personally, if I saw this, I would be going straight to your client and showing them this thread just to really screw up your day. Go back to reseller school, you need the extra classes.

True That.