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Please Be authentic! Provide real suggestions!


I have seen sellers in the “COMMUNITY” section , copy paste links and suggestions from “fiverr help forum”(over and over again) to give response to the asked questions…
Overall; these responses are not even generally relative to the questions which new sellers ask.

Non relevant answers from non relevant individuals just to get “community ranking” a boost; is this the right way of doing things here? Really !! just a thought…


Once you have been on the Forum for a while, you will see that the same questions are asked over and over. That is why some users will repost the answers that have already been given to the repeatedly asked questions.

Unfortunately, there are Forum users who do this because they have read somewhere that they will get more orders or something as silly by doing so. I agree it is frustrating.


There are plenty of posts with real, authentic, honest, and helpful suggestions given to new sellers.
On the other hand for some new sellers who clearly did not spend a decent amount of time setting up their gigs, those people tend to get the copy/paste link suggestions.
If the OP didn’t bother taking their time to read the TOS and set up their gigs, a lot of people won’t bother taking the time to give individual suggestions.

I’ve given feedback to new sellers in the past, but my comments will
dramatically change depending on how their gigs look. If I feel the seller spent a good time creating their gigs, I’ll do my best to come up with ideas/suggestions which I think will help.
If I see a gig that was clearly copied/stolen/put together in less than an hour, I’ll either ignore it or point out the obvious mistakes ( like stolen images) and suggest them to read the entire forum and be more professional.


Suggestions to these to try to help usually, not always, are useless. A few times I have gone back and checked to see if the gig was improved and sometimes it has been improved but often left the same way.