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Please be so kind to review my gig(s)- good impression for beginner but no order?

Hey guys,

Im pretty new here, but spend a decent time on setting up my gigs and make my profile look nice.
Im surprised of my impression, i dont know if the numbers are good, but so far my gigs have 21/29/29/10 impressions—unfortunately not a single order.
am i doing sth wrong?
If you gave me an advice, i would be more than happy.




This is a tiny nit-pick, but your isometric icon sample sheet, the ‘milk’ and pink drink icons have the shadow on the wrong side, in comparison to the other icons. The pig is missing a shadow, seeing as the chick below it is shaded.

If you don’t want too mess to much with these finished samples, you could spread them out between multiple sample sheets according to the style. This might be a good idea anyway, as you’ll want to demonstrate that you can make icons in sets, rather than one-offs.

Also, duplicate gigs are against the TOS, and you use the exact same video and sample in your first two. (In the second, if you’re not offering animated, don’t show animated.)

“Squirky” is not an English word.

Check out (DES) point 3:


thanks a lot for your detailed answer, I appreciate it a lot :pray:

i have one question: you said duplicate gigs are against the TOS - did you say that because of the same video? I removed the video where it doesnt belong now.

Yes. My rule-of-thumb is that: if you can interchange the descriptions, images, or package between two gigs, and the gigs still make sense, they’re too similar. Also, a buyer might consider the same samples in two gigs as lazy and unprofessional, or assume that, because a seller is reusing the same samples, that’s all they have, which implies a lack of skill.

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thanks again for answering.
so you think it doesnt make even sense to offer the design of a char as one offer, and the deisgn + animation as another offer?
I really dont know how to do it differently because its two different things, i wouldnt know in which category to put that offer.

Ah, no. Sorry, communication and language barrier here. Let me rephrase.

Using the same video made them look the same, yes. Them being separate gigs is the right thing to do in this situation. You just need to make sure your samples can support the gig. Removing the video was the right thing to do.

Two gigs: yes.
Same samples/images: no.

I apologize for the confusion.

Now I got it, thanks a lot! You have been very helpful :pray: