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Please be wary of these guys fragglesrock and fragglesrock

Both of this producers ran away with my money without completing their work and not delivered the work to satisfaction. It is uncouth for such behaviour. It is unprofessional, irresponsible and unethical do behave it such manner. Fragglesrock has poor ability in understanding instructions, bad command of English, not serious and taking too long to responded. His quality of work is poor. Fragglesrock has better quality of work however unfortunately, he stopped responding when work was only 90% done, it caused me serious problem, he could have asked for more if its not enough, its very unprofessional and irresponsible to run away like that, which tarnished their reputation.

The first person did not complete the work at all, or they did do it, but you did not like it?

And if you paid someone and they did not deliver the job to you and stopped contacting you, contact customer support and ask for a cancellation.

Also, it is against the rules to call out other users like that.

And for the future, did you send a message to any of these sellers before you placed an order? YOu can tell somenoe’s level of English by the way they write their gig and profile and by trading a few messages before you buy, so if that is a problem for you when considering what seller to go with that will h lp you narrow it down.

Hello chorong612,

If you see a seller that communicates hard is not a problem.There can be some differences of timezone. The website doesn’t offer a live-chat feature so you must wait for their answers.

If the work doesn’t satisfy you feel free to ask for a mutual refund first where nobody gets harmed. I mean you will take your money back and they will not receive a negative feedback. In fact, is about 5$ (4$ for the seller) and is not worthing to destroy someone reputation for 5$… honestly.

Also stop posting messages with usernames here, is forbidden and not ethical.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience on Fiverr, the marketplace where all gets done but you can choose from millions of sellers and I bet there are a lot who can complete your work.

Keep trying!

Good luck!