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Please best sellers, help me improve my gig

Please click on this link and let me know what should I need to do to get buyers. Please help.


Looks good. Promote Gig in your social media


Thank you so much. But will I get buyers if I promote it on social media?

It is actually quite simple:

You are new, you have no reviews, who should someone buy from you?

Include a few of your sample letters as pictures in the preview! Customers want to know your style. The current pictures are not so good.

Why do you start with a 1000 word article?

Make a gig with $ 5 and 400-500 words!

SEO optimized texts should actually have 300-400 words.

I would take this into account when creating my gig.

And last but not least: If somebody else comes here and suggests social media advertising just to write a comment. I’m going crazy soon.

Anyone who has considered this nonsense that a lot of comments in the forum leads to orders should be beaten up.

Best Regards,



Thanks a lot @antomtjvc . I will keep your suggestions in mind and work on them.