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Please bring back the old inbox message system

I can’t tell if I’ve answered all messages or not.

In the middle pane I can’t see the conversation, only one or two of the messages back and forth.

This so far is not workable for me at all.

I tried clicking on unread messages, but I can’t tell if I need to answer them or not. It’s just a couple of words I can see, which is not enough to tell me if each message requires an answer or not.

If anyone can tell me how to use this effectively please give some instructions, thanks.


If you scroll up the right hand scroll bar on the middle pane you should be able to see the entire conversation. Another way is to put your mouse somewhere in the middle pane and use the scroll wheel.


This is a nightmare. I can’t see a conversation, just 3 lines of a conversation at a time. I have to continually scroll up and down.

Imagine reading a book and having to scroll down for each sentence.

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Maybe change your screen resolution or the browser zooming level?

I scrolled all the way up and here is what I see. This is a long entire conversation with this person but notice that only two actual lines of communication are visible:

So I will need to continually be scrolling as I type or read. I’m not sure I can work this way. This is at 100% zoom.

This one is from three weeks ago, but it’s the fifth conversation in my list. Where are the rest for the last three weeks.

I see much more than that…I’ve got my screen res at 1920 x 1080.


Why is there an inch or more of space between each one?

Why does it say (3) when there are more than that?

That’s what mine is at. It’s a 15 inch laptop, 100% screen size.

I also can’t click on my enter key to send my message, I have to click on “SEND”.

I do see that there is a green dot when a new message comes in at least.

I have to set my screen size to only 70% to see six lines of a conversation. It’s microscopic. I will see if I can find a magnifier to clip onto the screen for when I look at the inbox. I can’t communicate with people if I can only see two lines of messaging. Or perhaps I will buy a larger monitor to cope with this.

There is no way I can work with this as it is. I never get headaches but I have one now, and my eyes hurt.

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Sounds like something you shouldn’t be having to do there, buddy :slight_smile:

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I’ve been struggling with that for half an hour now and my head is throbbing and eyes are burning.

I’m sorry. Maybe you know the answer to this, as you have much more Fiverr experience. Has Fiverr always been so secretive in their changes? I started here in December and have seen multiple occasions of changes without any word or notice. I understand that this is not an uncommon business practice, however it’s a little bit concerning seeing the number of times I’ve already seen it happening.


They don’t mention changes in advance. And they do keep changing things a lot.

I spend hours a day on messages, it’s a big part of my job here. I don’t know how I can do this right now. I am hoping a larger monitor fixes this problem.

Again, something you shouldn’t have to do.

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And the print is dark grey. Not even black. I don’t have room for a large monitor in my current setup so I will have to change things around. I just hope I can somehow manage in the meantime. Trying to deal with this right now is unbearable, the way my eyes and head feel from looking at it.

Am I missing something? My inbox is the same as always. What is all this sellers now need a home theater to Fiverr nonsense?

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I have been using this in Beta for about a month and I love it.
I imagine the issue is that it is new for you - I have got used to using it and it is far better than before. A lot of my orders/communications involve long conversations too and I have no difficulty using the scroll bar or scroll wheel. Moving between conversations is much quicker too.
For the Enter=Send thing - there is a small down arrow beside the Send button; click that and you can set your preference. I prefer Ctrl+Enter to send but both options are there and can be changed any time.

As others have said, it feels a lot like Upwork’s chat system which some may be used to.
This is what it looks like:

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And I thought I was the only one :confused:

I can view all the messages from the app but sometimes some of the messages disappear when I am viewing the conversation from browser.

Maybe Fiverr and Upwork are getting ready to merge finally into FUwork.

I don’t have this system but I am getting a lot of long custom offer requests and buyers sending messages where every sentence is received as a new message. I’ve been kicking them all to the curb under the assumption that they all have some kind of neurological problem.

Could it be that they are just sending messages which are being sent from a different kind of messaging system?


Yes, I think that might be possible (about the people messaging - I know nothing of a merger).
I am not sure what the Default thing for Enter is, whether it is send or if CTRL is needed so it might be that. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they dont have a neurological problem.

There is something going on with request a custom offer too - I have been getting lots more of these lately so I reckon there must be a popup or something.


I can only see half of the custom offers I send. I wish I could see the entire thing without only seeing one half or the other. Trying to read things is terribly stressful due to this.