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Please buyers, discuss with your sellers before ordering anything!

Im a seller since 2013 and i was planning to create this topic for a long time.

As all sellers might know, there are buyers who suddenly order a 5$ gig out of no where with a time frame counting down on 1 or 2 days! I have cancelled hundreds of mistaken 5$ orders from buyers since 2013 and now i have a clear idea how all of that must have been affecting my profile.
Anyway, no matter how i much i have described my services and mentioned in all gig descriptions, not to order anything without discussion… they still do! So below are some key points that could happen…

  • buyers order 5$ for projects that would cost way over 100$.
  • buyers ordering gigs that will take 5 or 8 days time but requesting to be done within 1 or 2 days.
  • buyers ordering gigs for what a seller doesn’t provide.

So all of this falls into a sellers negative review. And this affects both small and big orders alike. And anyone sane would understand if they want to do a project, they would spend their money wisely and plan a project before discussing it with a selected seller.

Are all sellers agree on this with me ? :slight_smile:

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Are you serious? Buddy, this is how Fiverr works. Fiverr is a retail services platform. It is INTENTIONALLY designed to encourage buyers to place orders “out of no where”. Buyers do not have to contact you first. Stop trying to bend Fiverr to fit your whims. Fiverr is not like other freelance platforms. Get used to it.

You do not have to cancel these orders, merely because buyers chose to use Fiverr as it is intended. That’s a waste of a good sale, and a poor business choice. If your account reputation has been negatively affected because of those voluntary cancellations, that’s YOUR fault, and YOUR fault alone.

Your buyers are not at fault for using Fiverr as as the site is intended.

And if your buyers are requested services that you don’t provide, then you need to write better gig descriptions, and have clearer package descriptions. Clearly there’s something wrong with how your gigs are set up if people think they can place orders from the packages that you have listed, and expect drastically different services. This is more likely to be YOUR fault via gig set-up, than something you can keep blaming your buyers for.

If something like this keeps happening with multiple different buyers, then maybe YOU need to reassess your gig packages, and make sure there’s less confusion. This is YOUR responsibility, not that of your buyers. YOU are the service provider. Your buyers are merely placing orders from the – apparently ambiguous – gig packages that you have listed.

Fix your gigs, and you might start to fix your problems.

Nope. Nada. Not at all. I 100% disagree with everything you have said, and I’m sure most veteran sellers will agree with me. You cannot force buyers to contact you before placing an order. And it is YOUR choice – and YOUR fault – for cancelling orders from buyers that don’t contact you first.

I bet, if you use Fiverr as intended, you’ll find that it can be a far more rewarding experience.


:rofl: thanks for making me laugh…


Psst… You might want to better attribute your quoted text. The first half of your quoted text (which is attributed to me in your reply) are not my words.

EDIT: Ah, much better. Thank you! :wink:



Well, thanks for the input. Lol…im just sharing my thoughts and im not looking to start any this is all my hobby.

So…jonbass, what would you do if a buyer drops you a 5$ order and asks you to do a 200$ job and asks it to be done within a day.( but it might take you 5 days to complete.) ?? And assume the buyer does not like a delivery extension or the extra 195$ offer at all?

By the way, i do animation and vfx…so there are stuff i do from 5$ towards 10000$.

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I have clear gig descriptions and rock-solid package details. There is no confusion over the services that I offer. My clients don’t place “$5 orders and ask [me] to do a $200 job”.

And if a client were, hypothetically, to do this, I would remind them of what they legally ordered, and I would only deliver what they paid for. To be completely honest, this doesn’t sound like a hard concept to grasp. Draw a line, and only deliver the services listed within the package your buyers order.

And, when it comes to completion time, stand firm on the time listed with the package. If your gig has a 5-day completion time, remind the buyer of this, and don’t bend over backwards to complete it within their demanded one day. Stick to your wits, man. Have a backbone.


yaay! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Don’t put gigs up for $5 then. I don’t. Make different gigs that are scalable.

For example, my work starts at $50 - and trust me that is CHEAP for the services I provide. I categorically state the delivery time and if a buyer wants it faster, then there’s a charge for that. For complex or big orders, buyers are asked to contact me first to discuss it.

It’s all about how you market yourself, the time scales and specifications you put on your gigs and you have to make it absolutely clear.

I had one buyer contact me asking to do what was essentially a $500 job for $20. I politely told them that this wasn’t possible, as the time and effort I’d put into the project to then only get LESS than $20, by the time you’ve taken out the fees, wasn’t worth my time.

I’m flexible for repeat buyers and special projects, but on other things, nope. Time = money. And you can either pay for a professional service or not.


but what if the seller keep saying that he can and after the order he disappears

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He cant. Thats why the CS is there. so any buyer can contact CS and cancel the order.

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I agree on that. so i will be doing a re-arrangement on my gigs as well. thanks for the input!


what jonbass said, is true . i understand that it is our fault that buyers are unable to understand the cost that we are offering .
and then there is a column in my fiverr profile that shows" order completion rate" that always decreases when such order gets cancelled.
i am from animation field . and people always gets confused over difficulty level of animations. like one could rotate a thing in 180degrees in 1 min. but for it to rotate 360degree, your works gets converted to 3D. thus becomes completly different .

there could be a thousand such example . and i have only 2000 words to put in be gig description . and each client has different needs . how can i explain each case?
there are many buyer who doesnt knows the difference between gradient and flat can i explain each case ?

i am doing freelancing for around 6years. and i always get in such trouble . the most annoying thing is the " project completion rate" decreases.

i strongly want to say to fiverr website developer, that please do not include such projects who are mutually cancelled because of lack of communication gap . those orders must not be included in such parameters .
or the “order now” button must remain inactive unless there is one conversation in conversation box with the buyer and freelancer.