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Please can someone check my GIG video how is it and suggest me!

Hi, your video is quite nice. My only suggestion would be to make it less technical, I didn’t understand about the computer and stuff. Remember people often fall in love with something personal. Like a video of you with a bunch of cards around your neck would be very warm and friendly. Just my thought.

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Thanks for your opinion…

your welcome, I am new myself and took my video down because it was not so good.

oh yeah…

It’s considered a bit rude to hijack someone else’s thread to ask about your own services.

(That said, I think it’s pretty good! You might want to expand your gig description a bit to clarify the contents of each package.)

OP, please see:

Yes I guess I did my apologizes to the OP :frowning:

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Since I’m a little bit experienced in the video editing, I’m going to point out some things that could be potentially improved. However, it is only a personal opinion! All in all, video is good as it serves its purpose to deliver straight to the point information.

How can it become better, though:

  1. Text colors do not match the visual of the background video. Bland yellow and blue on a crimson background is questionable. Try to play with colors, add shadow effect to the text so it can stand out more. Or a thin outline. It will make text to stand out more. Also, a little bit of transparency (keep it at 80%) would make text blend in more naturally.

  2. Through 0:13 to 0:16 seconds, segment is repeated twice. If you want to attract more focus to it, try make the text to fade in/out swiftly a couple of times to cause that “provocative” reaction from a viewer.

  3. 24/7 Support is not something possible for a single human being. Perhaps cut it out, unless you are a company.

  4. Remaining seconds of the video are far too outstretched. “Thank you” comes out too late. Viewer watches and expects something else to be shown but instead received a delayed Good bye. Perhaps shorten that bit a little.

I hope this was informative and helpful!


thanks for your comment.