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Please can someone help me Check what's wrong with my Gig?


Good day! Its been 58 days now I joined Fiverr, I am getting Click on daily basis but still no Order, please where am I getting it wrong? Help please.


Learn more earn more…


Sorry what do you mean?


You will get many topics where you can learn more. When you learn more you will earn more.


It really is worth spending some time on writing your gig description in your own words. Buyers often check the text in gigs to see if it’s original or not. If it isn’t they tend to move on to other sellers.


I write my gigs in my own words. But how do buyers check that did that?


Highlight the text and search for it in Google - really easy with Chrome!


Also, any inconsistencies between “I, me, mine, my” and “we, our, us” etc. That’s a pretty strong hint that someone has copy-pasted the bio of a more successful seller.


Please can you check out my Gig descriptions to know where am not getting it right?


Just make sure you write your own gig descriptions and don’t copy them from somewhere else on the internet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot dear, I do appreciate


Thanks! I’m going to check and see if someone copied mine :grin:
Although, I do think it is a good idea to see how a few high-rank sellers write and style their descriptions for inspiration, without copying!
Would you agree?


Or you could just be yourself and describe what you offer in your own words…:slightly_smiling_face: