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Please can someone help me? how I make clients here?

hey can someone help me?
im lost here
how can I make clients here?

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do you have any gig??

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sorry but, what means gig? please help me :cry:

Search google to learn about gig

i don’t want to be rude or some thing but check out this link this is your starting point

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so how can I create a gig? with photos of my work? I did this before

thank you, u not rude <3

I ready all this, and nothing works, I keep without clients

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can I post my work here in forum?

do you have a profile on fiverr

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yes I have my profile is

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Try buyer request,
you are just starting it out so it going to be difficult i am new too
but there is no other options
most of the time there will be noting but keep on checking
wish you luck

sorry im so so slow :frowning: how can I try buyer request? sorry I cannot understand right, my English is so so bad, I never learn English on school

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HI, First search some articles and read about how to create gigs and how to work in Fiverr. You must learn by yourself. search other sellers gigs related to your categories and get new ideas (but Don’t Copy and Paste their ideas) .
You have to be patient. Most important thing is the GIG. You must have a great gig. Try to do an unique work for your category. Add unique , own work samples for your gig images. And also check again your gig title.

Good luck with your work. :+1:

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on click on selling there is option for buyer request
second on forum type buyer in the search request to learn tips and tricks
third you are not slow you are fine

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Don’t worry about your English skills. We are not perfect.You can learn it by yourself. Try watching English videos, read books, read articles. I am learning lot of things using articles and you tube videos. My second language is English.I am still learning English and other languages myself. So if we try we can achieve anything. Trust yourself.

Good Luck