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Please Can Someone Help Me


Hey Everyone,

I am very confused at the moment, I have a Gig about promoting your YouTube Video optimising SEO.

When I launched the Gig it did great, Got plenty of orders and at one point appeared 1st in Fiverr’s search for various keywords.

It recently got denied as I had to modify my image for some reason, I did this and it got approved right away.

Ever since then my Gig hasn’t appeared in the Fiverr search at all, Not on any pages.

I messaged support and they said they don’t promote gigs like that, I don’t believe them at all.

Some of the most popular gigs on Fiverr are YouTube Viral Gigs, They always have over 100 orders in cue and so many reviews and I also see Gigs like that featured by Fiverr on the homepage…

Has anyone experienced similar problems?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you

Matteo :slight_smile: