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Please Can someone tell me why i am seen fellow seller request?



please i need help,i am and worried, at the starting i have been seen buyers request and it happens only for few days .Things went the opposite not quite long since then.I noticed fellow sellers have been sending me request telling me to order their service- i design Logo i mean no single buyer request- they are all sellers.what do i do please?


Did you submit a buyers request? Then thats exactly what should be happening. You respond to buyer’s requests, not create them.


noway, believe me i have never submit a single buyer request


Sellers are Sending you offers, or you’re seeing Seller offers in the Buyer Requests?

If it’s the second, it’s because Sellers post in the Buyer Requests. It’s an issue that seems to have no answer.


I am seen Seller Offers in the Buyer Request-- See example from one seller–-Hello, i am a graphic designer. i like to do image editing , retouch or background etc— before i usually have 30 buyer request but now no single buyer request ,instead i am seen sellers introducing the same service


Yes. People do that. It’s dumb. It’s against the rules. People don’t seem to care - they do it anyway. Even though they can’t sell anything in a Buyer Request.

Somebody must have found a way past the review system again.


Pretty sure the “review system” for Buyer Requests is pretty much like Homer Simpson pressing the “Y” key.

In case you don’t know what I mean…