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Please can someone tell me why i am still not making sales


this is 1 month i joined fiverr but have not recorded any sales.I know that sounds so shocking but it is a true fact.please can somebody check my gig and tell me what i need to do fast to start having orders my link thanks your advice will be appreciated.


I get the feeling from your gig descriptions (and forum post) that you aren’t a native English speaker. You’re good, far better than I am at any other language, but perhaps you haven’t managed to sell yourself as best you could?

You may have more luck taking on mass article writing. Maybe you could do 2 x 400 word articles instead of one 500 word one. It’ll appeal to many people looking for quick, cheap content, or hosting reviews.

If you don’t fancy that, maybe polishing up your gig description will help you get the sales you require. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed mine.


Thanks Joethorn for your kind advice i will try as much as i can to work on my descriptions and to add more value to it I really appreciate your great work.


Hi, I checked your gig. You’re offering a great service which can generate good sales. How about posting a video recorded by a native English speaker?

Good luck!


i,m also feeling like you…, but i have a good profile description and good detailed gigs which are getting impressions, clicks and views every day but did,t got any order.


Unfortunately, one month with no sales is not shocking at all. Especially for beginners in your category which has a TON of competition. Not to mention, it’s a service that most people could do on their own at a mediocre level. They come to Fiverr to have others do it to save time and have it done well. You have to bring your best in that category to get noticed.

Just some things to think about. Good Luck!


You really don’t need many views or impression to make a lot of sales. What you need is to master the science of conversion, be on the lookout for what is currently working, check out people in your category who are doing well and find out why. Emulate without necessarily copying them. Whenever you get messages, make sure you make the most of it by going above and beyond the call of duty. Sincerely earn people’s trust and they will become buyers.


@jessyablewriter add some more gigs, you only have two gigs and you can add up to 20. You have videos so that is great. Your a writer and that is a big demand on fiverr be patient and the sales will roll in due time. good luck!


Thanks to everyone for your wonderful advice.Actually your suggestions have given me more knowledge on how i should be working here on fiverr.I am really grateful


Hi, I uploaded a gig last month. But, there is no sale still now. Please, give me some suggestions to make sales.


patience is a key.

i think i got my first sale within 26 days of joining, people will have different days of when they make their first sale.

okay i’m looking at your gigs now.

Article writing gig- it’s good that you have a video, but i think it would be better if you talked over the video and read what the text said, there is a lot of text in the video.

website article writing - it’s good to show your face because it makes people think you are trust worthy which increases sales, so you are doing good in this gig… if you want to make it more interesting you can add text to the left side when you are talking to highlight the main points and fill up the blank space. this can easily be done on windows movie maker.

but I would just wait.

also the profile picture seems to be a different person than the video where you talk in… try have a picture of yourself.

other thank that I would just recommend you to wait, and keep sharing your videos on social media.