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Please can we have an option to require buyers to contact before ordering?

I have on my gig, 3 different places where I have in all capitals PLEASE CONTACT BEFORE ORDERING. Still, I get people ordering without contacting me. They just don’t bother.

For me, I am an artist, and I just simply cannot work with certain buyers who are not able to communicate effectively. If the buyer has very weak English, but wants a complex design, there is no way I can make them happy because I don’t understand what they want in their art. Thus I need them to tell me in ADVANCE what they want, and if I don’t understand, I can’t get the job done!

Could we not have an optional button, (not automatic, but something that gets turned on) so that we require buyers to contact in advance. Asking them to do it in the description doesn’t work, they don’t listen.

When I look at other sellers, many have the same “Please Contact before Ordering”. We waste space in our gig description to say this and explain why, when it would be better for everyone if we could use the space to better describe the gig. Fiverr this would mean more sales for you guys, and less cancellations from sellers.

If Fiverr is worried about slowing down the order process, maybe even make this an option for sellers who have proven themselves? Like level two and above? I think you could really make this a better experience for the seller AND the BUYER.


This seems to be requested once a week. Here is a previous request for this but there are many:

Fiverr will never implement something that will slow down or prevent buyers from ordering.

The answer might be to have a brief questionaire as a PDF you show on your gigs that they can look at and send you first with large instructions on the top saying to please answer the questions and send them to you before ordering.


I got similar problem before…,
My method is set the gig delivery 1 week.
and on gigs desciption ask them to contact before order to discuss the project and delivery time.
It solve the “sudden order” problem :slight_smile:

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