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Please can we stop

Please can we stop the repeated (often copied and pasted) advice of:
send 10 buyer requests every day
share your gig on social media
etc. etc.

Sorry - I’m afraid it’s not useful to new sellers who often can’t see any buyer requests, so they can’t respond to them anyway.

Using social media properly needs to be done to targeted followers etc. It’s no wonder that social media networks seem to be cracking down on Fiverr links and classing them as spam. If you’re going to use social media, please find some good information online to help you.

If new users can’t read one post which gives this advice, they’re surely not going to read the last 25, 50, 100 and so on.

Please, any genuinely useful advice would be appreciated by all users, including me. :wink:

Copying and pasting the same stuff to get your post count up isn’t actually helping anybody. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s sad to keep reading those tips. Especially the one about sharing your gigs on social media, encouraging sellers to spam social media when all that does is cause more bans of fiverr. People on social media don’t want to see links from fiverr sellers.


What’s bad about that is they should be saying “send 10 (or a reasonable number, or however many of the requests you can fulfil of) offers per day” not “buyer requests per day”. Saying “send 10 buyer requests per day” may get some people’s account into trouble for promoting their gig in the buyer request section.

So that should really not be allowed because sending buyer requests won’t actually help sellers get orders (unless indirectly if they’re a reseller) and may get their accounts in trouble if they’re promoting there.

Other than that though, sending offers to requests a seller is confident they can do (eg. around the budget and time the buyer wants) will likely help the seller and is good advice (it will increase the probability of orders if they’re not getting them currently). ie. it is good advice to look at the BR page a reasonable number of times in a day if you need orders (as well as other methods such as promotion and working on your gigs, maybe training/taking courses. etc.). If a seller is level 1 or above they can look at the BR page less frequently because a lot more BR will likely be shown.

I am bookmarking :blue_book: this!


Agreed, but as I said, sellers without a level can see few if any BRs, so regardless of how it’s worded by those repeating it ad infinitum, as advice it’s of limited value. :slightly_smiling_face:

For those who can see them great, send as many as you can!


But unlevelled sellers are still likely to be able to see them, they just need (assuming they have gigs in sufficient categories) to refresh the BR page more frequently for them to show (because they go faster). So there is still the possibility of sending 10 BR per day, though that’s harder these days for unlevelled sellers.

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No, honestly we’re not. Either that or those of us who say we can’t see them are telling fibs and making it all up. I can press F5 till the cows come home - nothing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a look at the number of threads where new users say they can’t see any buyer requests - it’s not just me.


But I’m currently unlevelled and I can currently see 6 BR dated 29/03 and 3 BR date 28/03 and about 13 others. Some BR I have deleted from the list.

Having gigs in multiple categories probably helps with that (showing more BR). edit: though actually all shown happen to be from just 1 category currently.

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And it depends on the category(ies) in which you’re offering gigs as well obviously! :slightly_smiling_face:

If one has the necessary skills/knowledge to be able to do that then great!

Anyway, sorry for taking the thread o/t - it was more about the repeated posting of poor advice rather than the availability of BRs.

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It can be good advice for sellers who get most of their orders normally through buyer requests too. eg. For a long time most of my orders seemed to be from offers from the buyer requests. Responding to BR can (depending on the request) also allow you to have an idea what the project is about first, so the seller can decide which projects they want to do (if accepted). It really is about refreshing at the right times/frequently enough for level 0.

So sending offers is actually good advice if you get to see the requests. Creating sufficient gigs in sufficient categories will likely allow a seller to see them. Trying to increase levels will also help to see the BR.

Other general advice would be ensuring the stats are always green in the analytics etc. which may also help in gig well as for levels and BR.

Great post. :star_struck: I agree. There’s no point in copy-pasting/spamming the same (not so helpful/very generic) stuff over and over again. :roll_eyes:

I also would never suggest that sellers submit a particular number (say, 10 BR offers) of offers a day. This can give new sellers the wrong impression that they have to/MUST send 10 offers a day. This might make them send offers in response to BRs/projects that they are not capable of doing. I am sure there are sellers out there doing this (just because they have been told by a lot of people on the forum to send 10 offers daily).

They need to understand that they don’t necessarily have to send 10 offers every day and that what matters more is the relevance of the BR and the number of offers they’re able to convert into successful orders. :white_check_mark:


But would you need to read the same piece piece of advice telling you to do that 20 times a day?

That’s was the point I was trying to make, not whether responding to BRs was good or not. :slightly_smiling_face:


We can, but we’re not the ones doing it. And people who do it are those who have read that they should be active on the forum if they want to get sales and become TRS or whatever, so they’ll keep doing it without thinking.


I understand why you have made your initial request and I hope many new members will take note and be able to comply. New members are new though, and that is why so much is repeated in the forums. Newbies are trying to find their inexperienced way. They are anxious to be successful. We all were new once, though many have come here with lengthy or professional experience under their belts, and did not offend in these ways. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, I do feel your frustration. Nothing wrong with sharing it. I know you must have a :heartbeat:, in general, for the newbies.

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I agree! :wink:

And when they can’t send even one because there are none, you see them flooding the forum because they don’t understand how BR works!


Yes but 6 BRs are nothing…once you become a leveled seller, there are maybe a few hundred to a few thousand requests you have access to…


The 6 were the ones I saw dated the 29th (as of the date I posted). In total I said there were more (at the time there were about 6+3+13). I currently only see 14 in total (it’s still only showing requests for 1 category even though I have gigs in 4), but it’s still >0 (whereas some say level 0 don’t get to see them, though it depends on the categories the requests are in, the categories the gigs are in, the time BR page is looked at, maybe other things too). I agree level 1 gets more but still maybe no more than about 20 (or maybe up to 30) dated the current date. Level 1 see more because they don’t go so fast like I’ve said (so they see lots up to the last 30 days normally, though some requests may be re-added so they show even though they’re >30 days old I think).

Are you a levelled seller? If so, what was the increase you saw in BR? I’m not a levelled seller and I currently see 120.

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I also agree with you !!! :wink:

I think @smiler3d was speaking specifically to the ones mentioned by you if they ever come to read the post.


Yes I’m a level 2. When I was an unlevelled seller, I had maybe 5 max, and usually 0 requests. As soon as I became level one, I all of a sudden had 500 requests I could access…maybe it’s different from category to category. I’m in the animation category…

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